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Into the Shuraa Multiverse: Branching out to better service

Council. Consultation. Shuraa. 

Shuraa in Arabic means ‘council’ or ‘consultation’. It is human nature to seek guidance and help when it comes to making important life decisions and accordingly, establishing one’s company is as big an event as it comes. Shuraa Management and Consultancy is a global conglomerate marking its presence on the Dubai commercial landscape for over 20 years now. In case you didn’t know, its roots can be traced back to a humble typing centre established way back in 2001. Since then, the Shuraa Group has grown and evolved to incorporate a diverse range of services meant to ease one’s life in the UAE.

Let us take you on a further journey into the different experiences Shuraa Group provides:

Shuraa Business Setup 

Dubai has seen a consistent inflow of foreign investors and entrepreneurs wanting to set up shop here. However, diverse languages and unfamiliar laws of a foreign country proved to be big challenges. Promising individuals were finding it difficult to overcome the legalities of company formation in Dubai and the UAE.

This is where Shuraa Business Setup comes in, where experienced corporate advisors work tirelessly with the sole aim of assisting local and international businesses set up their operations in the UAE. We are proud to announce that we have helped establish over 35,000 businesses in UAE mainland and free zones.

With the core vertical established, soon other areas of queries came to be realised. People who came to set up their business in Dubai also came forth with other needs related to establishing their life in Dubai. Accordingly, the owner of Shuraa, Mr. Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei, started to expand and form what would soon become the other verticals of Shuraa Group.  

Shuraa Tax and Accounting Services LLC 

Over the years, Shuraa Group has expanded into a global phenomenon and continues to grow much further with each passing day. One of its initiatives to provide more service offerings brought forth the introduction of a new vertical — Shuraa Tax and Accounting Services LLC (Shuraa Int.).

It has been in the picture since 2018 and has been top-tier and unrivalled in the industry. Moreover, Shuraa Tax and Accounting Services LLC. has built its core with trust and loyalty amongst its long-standing clients. This inevitably led to its success in becoming a world-renowned tax and accounting service agency.

With years’ worth of experience, the team offers the most ideal solutions for all the financial needs for your business. The prime objective of this vertical has been to build an exceptional business foundation by assisting companies attain financial stability and development because of which it has become a world-renowned company. 

Shuraa Int. offers a wide range of financial services. Some of which include VAT registration & deregistration, tax residence certification, accounting & bookkeeping services, and more.

Shuraa Realty 

Shuraa Realty envisions delivering the same satisfaction to our clients in the real estate property domain as we did and continue to deliver in business setup and consultancy. With Shuraa Realty, you can purchase furnished & unfurnished apartments, premium villas, townhouses, penthouses, warehouses, and affordable offices.

Our experienced real estate professionals understand your property requirements, match them with your business model, and then suggest the ideal commercial offices for your venture. In fact, it’s no different for residential real estate too! Shuraa comprehends what you want, curate the potential list of properties by applying various advanced filters and share the absolute best with you.

We organise hassle-free visits to all these properties and cater to all your personalised property requirements as well. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer for anyone looking to invest in real estate in the UAE to collaborate with Shuraa Realty. 

Shuraa Business Centers 

For company formation in Dubai, it is mandatory to have a formal office space for your venture. However, it can become an overwhelming task for an expatriate to manage all the business activities and also hunt for affordable office space. But, not anymore, because Shuraa Business Centers are there for you to provide cost-effective office space solutions at pocket-friendly prices. We provide personalised co-working spaces that cater to your specific corporate needs.

Additionally, you get free access to swift Wi-Fi systems, beverages, parking, DEWA (electricity and water) and a lot more. Your safety, alongside the safety of your data, is always our priority. Therefore, we have deployed the best-in-class security mechanisms to ensure complete protection from data breaches. We take pride in offering fully furnished operational offices, serviced office space, meeting & board rooms, conference halls with projectors, and much more at competitive prices.

Furthermore, we understand that investing hefty sums of money in office space at the very beginning can limit your business aspirations in the UAE. Therefore, we provide our clients with the flexibility to make monthly payments to ease their capital management. With Shuraa’s optimised business centers, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best office space in Dubai at prime locations! 

Branching out throughout the timeline and around the world 

This is without a doubt just the beginning for Shuraa Group. Not only has it branched out with several verticals to better serve investors and entrepreneurs but has also expanded around the world with its London and Bangladesh branch offices. Supported by a dedicated team of talented professionals, Shuraa looks forward to better growth and service.  

With more in the works for the future of Shuraa Group, it is bound to become a beacon for “all things business setup” and more. To get started and find out more, contact our expert consultants at +97144081900 or send a WhatsApp message on +971507775554. You can also drop in an email at and get your queries answered in no time.

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