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Shuraa Business Setup has been helping entrepreneurs make their moves in the UAE since 2001. From independent business owners to multinational corporations, Shuraa has been a part of over 35,000 entrepreneurial journeys. Acting as a one-stop solution for all things corporate, Shuraa helps in the incorporation, growth and management of your UAE entity. With international headquarters in Dubai, the company has seen rapid growth over the years. Located in four major metropolitan cities, Shuraa is already the #1 choice for investors looking to start their company in the UAE.

With Founder and Chairman, Saeed Khalifa Al Fuqaei at the helm, Shuraa has been assisting foreign companies and expatriates in comprehending the UAE’s corporate legal framework. Investors from different countries can naturally face an obstruction when coming to a foreign country and facing different rules and language. Shuraa Business Setup is your trustworthy guide to creating a conducive environment to building viable and innovation-based operations in the UAE.

Over the years, Shuraa has built itself a reputation for quality. Not only does it strive to provide focused and curated packages to business founders, they also have formed an impressive network of strategic partnerships to further boost the process of company formation. They are the official professional partners of Dubai’s leading free zone, IFZA where you can get 100 per cent ownership of your business along with exemptions from paying corporate tax.

Shuraa offers end-to-end company formation and registration services along with investor visa, banking assistance, business centres and office space, accounting and auditing, Golden Visa eligibility and more. All our services can be curated to suit your business’ specific needs. Shuraa has a team of certified corporate advisors and management professionals who are ready to make your vision a reality. Visit Shuraa.com and get a free consultation.

Original Source: https://gulfnews.com/business/shuraa-provides-a-one-stop-solution-for-business-set-up-1.1683015620537

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