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Now you can start your business in Dubai for 30,000 AED!

minimum investment to start business in dubai and the uae from india

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For a person looking to turn a groundbreaking idea into a profitable organization, every penny counts towards breaking even! There are many factors that contribute to a business setup, but the initial investment plays a significant role. Sometimes, price alone becomes the deciding factor for budding entrepreneurs to start a business. If you are also among those several businessmen with a fledgling business idea, your hunt for a minimum investment to start business in Dubai ends at Shuraa Business Setup!

Shuraa Business Setup is a leading business setup servicer provider in Dubai with over 17 years of experience in the UAE. Shuraa is now offering complete company formation along with one partner visa for as little as 30,000 AED!

Minimum Investment to Start Business in Dubai and the UAE

A growing number of startups find Dubai as a better option for setting up a business, compared to other cities in the world. However, an increase in business setup cost in Dubai has made it difficult for startup companies to enter the UAE market. Usually, the minimum business startup cost for a Dubai Mainland company is around 80,000 AED, but with Shuraa Business Setup there is still room for optimism!

Shuraa Business Setup focuses on encouraging entrepreneurship and expanding the economic avenues. Hence, Shuraa in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai has created affordable business solutions at amazing rates! With Shuraa Business Setup, the cost of LLC company formation in Dubai is 35,000 AED. Whereas, the cost of setting up a business in Dubai under a professional license is 30,000 AED.

If you still do not believe that we offer the most affordable business setup services in Dubai. Then let’s compare the cost with other Emirates in the UAE!

Generally, to start a business in the UAE you may have to spend on various aspects. These include;

business licensing, company registration, E-channel fees, immigration fees, investor’s visa, company stamping and sponsorship fees. When compared on these aspects, Shuraa’s Dubai Mainland business setup is a cost-effective option than the other emirates. Analyses the business setup cost comparison table for reference. Though Shuraa, you can easily start a business in Dubai Mainland, all-inclusive at an unbelievable cost of 30,000 AED only!

Another advantage is Dubai Mainland offers diverse business models compared to the other Emirates. It also expands the horizons for startups companies brimming with innovative ideas through various initiations.

To grab this amazing deal and make the most of it contact Shuraa Business Setup. Business setup consultants at Shuraa also offer a free consultation with regards to company formation in Dubai. For more information visit https://www.shuraa.com/ or simply drop in an email at [email protected]. You can also call on 044081900 or WhatsApp on 0507778884.

This is a Shuraa Business Setup post featured on Dubai Chronicles – check the link here https://www.dubaichronicle.com/2018/07/18/now-you-can-start-a-business-in-dubai-mainland-for-30000-aed/. For more such amazing offers on a business setup in Dubai and to learn in detail about starting a company in the UAE, contact SHURAA BUSINESS SETUP.

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