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Change your Business Partner for the Better

Change your business partner for the better

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It’s surprising how many people in the UAE are starting a business or becoming their own boss. This is because entrepreneurship or business in Dubai, or anywhere across UAE, expand your commercial horizons.

The vibrancy and flexibility in Dubai business setup enable you to do business not only within the region but with the entire world. Also, innovation-based concepts are really being encouraged here. Visionaries are spotting gaps in the market and realizing there are customers for the skills, knowledge or assets they have developed through employment or personal passions.

However, crucial on the path towards starting a business in Dubai is that residents can only have 49 percent ownership in any UAE company. To make things easier for entrepreneurs, Shuraa Business Setup offers sponsorship service across the seven emirates.

The Shuraa family has more than 20,000 companies are listed and registered. With over 17 years of deliverance and commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial dreams, Shuraa Business Setup has become a pioneer.

How does it work?

Emirati Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei owns Shuraa, which fulfills the mandatory prerequisite of a 51 percent national ownership. Sponsorship services at Shuraa also offer security and an Investor’s Right Contract further ensures zero-interference, and encourages clients in their business endeavors.

“Best in Dubai”

“Shuraa Business Setup provides the best sponsorship service in Dubai,” says Cherian Kuruvilla the CEO and Partner of Idea Tree Advertising. Mr. Kuruvilla, who started his business in Dubai under the partnership of Shuraa Business Setup, notes that Shuraa has been extremely meticulous, professional and efficient.

He adds: “Shuraa offered me full support during my initial days of business in Dubai and their trustworthiness must be commended. They regularly follow up and keep me updated; there is clarity in communication at all times.”

Mr. Kuruvilla has referred many friends and associates to transfer their sponsorship and partner with Shuraa. He cites the main highlight as being the Investor’s Right Protection Contract and says other benefits ensure the credibility of Shuraa Business Setup. “Shuraa is the best business setup service providers in Dubai,” he adds.

So, if you are in the UAE and want to change your business partner for the better, contact Shuraa Business Setup, where the motto is ‘We make it simple for you!’

For more details on sponsorship or business setup services in Dubai, contact Shuraa Business Setup now on 04 408 1900, email [email protected],  or WhatsApp on 050 777 5554.

This post was published in Dubai Week for Shuraa Business Setup. Our goal was to help businessmen in Dubai understand the partnership and sponsorship for businesses in the UAE. Shuraa Business Setup offering a reliable partnership with complete ownership and authority to the businessmen. To find out more read the link on Dubai Week http://www.dubaiweek.ae/other/sponsored/39686/sponsored-shuraa-business-setup/ or simply speak to our business setup consultants.

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