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Business Setup in Sharjah Airport
International Free Zone

The Sharjah Airport International Free Zone is the most
significant industrial free zone in the UAE

Free Zone Company Formation in Saif Zone

The Sharjah Airport International Free Zone was established in 1995. It is one of the most significant industrial-free zones in the UAE. Sharjah Airport International free zone, also known as SAIF zone, is known to offer some of the best free zone company formations in Sharjah. 

Sharjah Airport Free Zone Business Setup provides a variety of company structures along with various other benefits. Though Sharjah accounts for over one-third of the industrial activities in the UAE, the Sharjah Airport free zone is not limited to industrial or manufacturing units and offers competitive privileges. As a result, all these factors have contributed to the immense growth of the SAIF zone.  

SAIF has the largest cargo airport in the Middle East and Africa. Moreover, this accessibility and proximity, regardless of where the customers are located, enable affordable costs for transportation and logistics. 

At Shuraa Business Setup, we are committed to facilitating the seamless establishment of your business in the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone). With our dedicated team of UAE business setup consultants, lawyers, PRO executives, and company formation experts, we ensure a hassle-free experience for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking growth and success in this dynamic economic hub.

Benefits of Business Setup in Sharjah Airport Free Zone

Setting up your business in Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF Zone) offers a plethora of advantages compared to other locations in the region. Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Strategic Location

Prime position near the airport and major seaports grants access to a vast regional and global market. 

2. World-class facilities

Modern infrastructure, advanced logistics, and dedicated business support services. 

3. 100% Foreign Ownership

Full ownership and control over your business. 

4. Wide Range of Business Activities

From logistics and manufacturing to e-commerce and professional services, SAIF Zone caters to a diverse range of industries. 

5. Simplified Business Setup

Streamlined company registration process with Shuraa’s expert assistance. 

Permitted Business Activities in Sharjah Airport Free Zone:

  • Trading & Logistics 
  • Light Manufacturing & Assembly 
  • E-Commerce & Technology 
  • Media & Advertising 
  • Professional Services 
  • Healthcare & Education 
  • And many more! 

Sharjah Airport Free (SAIF) Zone Facilities

Sharjah Airport Free Zone business setup offer many facilities to businesses to thrive, including 

  • Office space 
  • Plots of land 
  • Temporary storage facilities 
  • Container parking area 
  • Bunker facilities 
  • Labour accommodation 
Let's make your business dream a reality!

Types of Licenses Offered at Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF)

Choosing the right business license in SAIF is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and maximizing your success in this dynamic hub. Here’s an overview of the main types of business licenses available for Sharjah Airport International Free Zone business setup: 

1. Commercial License

Ideal for businesses involved in the import, export, trading, distribution, and storage of goods. The license offers flexibility to trade in a wide range of products within the free zone. 

2. Industrial License

The license is required for businesses engaged in light manufacturing, assembly, processing, and packaging activities. It provides access to world-class production facilities and a skilled workforce within the SAIF Zone.

3. Service License

Designed for businesses offering professional and consulting services in various sectors. Covers activities like legal, accounting, marketing, IT, engineering, and healthcare services.

4. Professional License

Tailored for individuals with specialized skills and qualifications to practice their professions independently. Examples include doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, and financial advisors. 

5. E-Commerce License

Specifically designed for businesses operating online stores and conducting e-commerce activities. Allows seamless online trading within the free zone and across international borders. 

Choosing the right license depends on your core business operations and future growth plans. Shuraa Business Setup’s experienced consultants can guide you through the selection process and ensure compliance with SAIF Zone regulations. 

Process for Business Setup in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

The Sharjah Airport Free Zone business setup process can seem daunting. But don’t worry, Shuraa Business Setup is here to guide you every step of the way. 

1. Initial Consultation

Discuss your business vision, goals, and preferred license type. Our consultants assess your needs and recommend the most suitable license. 

2. Sharjah Airport Free Zone Company Formation

We handle all the paperwork and liaise with the SAIF Zone authorities on your behalf. We obtain your trade license and ensure regulatory compliance.

3. Visa Processing

We assist with obtaining visas for investors, employees, and dependents. We manage all visa applications and liaise with immigration authorities. 

4. Office Solutions

We help you choose the perfect office space within SAIF Zone, catering to your needs and budget. We provide flexible office options, from serviced offices to shared workspaces. 

5. Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing guidance and assistance with business operations in SAIF Zone. We offer PRO services to handle annual renewals, visa renewals, and other administrative tasks.

Why Choose Shuraa for SAIF Zone Business Setup?

  • 22+ years of experience and expertise in UAE business setup 
  • Free consultation 
  • A dedicated team of professionals  
  • Personalized service for every business need 
  • Commitment to client satisfaction 
  • Cost-Effective Solutions 
  • Streamlined Process 

SAIF Zone Business Setup Cost

The business license packages start from approximately AED 14,999*. However, SAIF zone license costs will vary depending upon the package you select for your Sharjah airport free zone company formation and other activities, including: 

  • Chosen License Type 
  • Number of Visas 
  • Type of business 
  • Office Space 
  • Value added services 

To know the close estimate of cost of establishing a business, we recommend getting business consultancy services in Sharjah airport freezone. 

At Shuraa, we believe in transparency. We provide upfront and detailed cost breakdowns for each package and service, ensuring you make informed choices. 

SAIF Zone License Renewal

The renewal process of businesses in the SAIF zone is highly cost-effective and simple. There is a requirement to submit an audit report starting from the second renewal of your company on an annual basis. 

To complete the process of renewal for your company, you will need to pay the renewal fee and submit the signed lease agreement for your facility. An advantage is that your physical presence in the UAE isn’t required for renewal and the process can be completed through an agent. 

Ready to Launch Your Business in SAIF Zone?

Your success is our priority at Shuraa Business Setup. Let’s build your business legacy together! 

Frequently Asked Questions

SAIF Zone is a world-class free zone strategically located in Sharjah, offering a business-friendly environment with tax incentives, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and proximity to major transportation hubs. Sharjah airport free zone business setup ensures seamless operations and access to a global market. 

The process can be completed within 3-4 weeks with Shuraa's assistance. We handle all the paperwork and documentation, ensuring a smooth and efficient company registration. 

The required documents may vary depending on your specific circumstances. Consult with Shuraa's experts for a comprehensive list and personalized guidance. 

No, 100% foreign ownership is allowed in SAIF Zone. You can establish your business independently without a local sponsor. 

SAIF Zone offers a range of options, including serviced offices, shared workspaces, and dedicated office suites. Choose the one that best suits your business needs and budget. 

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