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Dubai World Trade Centre - Free Zone

The DWTC Free Zone, established in 2015, is a thriving business ecosystem in Dubai’s Central Business District. It offers a unique blend of world-class facilities, excellent connectivity, and a supportive environment for businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinationals.  

The free zone is home to more than 2,000 companies from over 40 different industries. The free zone is open to a variety of industries, including construction, healthcare, IT, media, and trading. 

According to recent statistics, DWTC license renewals have jumped over 250% in just the first half of 2023. In fact, the DWTC authorities have recently launched the ‘Intelak Incubators’ initiative to help start-ups. 

Streamlined and Cost-Effective Company Formation in DWTC Free Zone 

If you’re considering business setup in the DWTC-free zone, Shuraa Business Setup is here to be your one-stop solution to make the process smooth and stress-free. We’re a team of experts who’ve been helping entrepreneurs and business owners like you through the world of Dubai business setup for over 23 years. With our experience and connections, you can focus on your brilliant business idea while we handle the nitty-gritty details. 

Why Choose the DWTC Free Zone?

1. Geographical Location

Be at the heart of Dubai’s commercial nerve center, with easy access to regional and global markets. 

2. Fast & Flexible Setup

Enjoy a streamlined company registration process with minimal bureaucracy. 

3. 100% Ownership

Maintain full ownership and control over your business operations. 

4. Tax Benefits

Benefit from zero corporate income tax and exemption on import and export duties. 

5. World-Class Facilities

Access Grade A commercial buildings, collaborative workspaces, and networking opportunities. 

6. Thriving Business Community

Become part of a vibrant hub for leading companies, startups, and entrepreneurs. 

Business Activities Permitted in DWTC Free Zone

The DWTC Free Zone caters to a broad spectrum of industries. Here are some of the DWTC activity list: 

  • Trading 
  • Consultancy 
  • Information Technology 
  • Media & Advertising 
  • Education & Training 
  • Logistics & Warehousing 

Types of DWTC Licenses Offered

A Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone License is a permit that allows you to conduct business within the designated free zone area. DWTC offers various licenses for different business activities. Here are some of the key business licenses offered: 

1. Trading License

This DWTC license allows you to import, export, distribute, and store goods within the free zone and potentially mainland Dubai depending on the specific license. 

2. Commercial License

This license permits you to carry out a specific set of commercial activities within the DWTC Free Zone. The license provides more flexibility than a Trading License if your business activities involve services or a combination of trade and services. 

3. Service License

This license is specifically designed for businesses providing professional services such as consultancy, IT services, marketing, or engineering within the free zone. 

4. Freelance Permit

Ideal for individuals who offer professional services independently. This permit allows freelancers to operate under their own name and conduct business legally within the free zone. 

5. E-commerce License

This license is tailored for businesses engaged in online trading and e-commerce activities. It enables companies to operate digital marketplaces and sell products or services online. 

6. Event Management License

The license is perfect for companies involved in organizing, managing, and promoting events, exhibitions, and conferences. This license supports businesses that cater to the vibrant events industry in Dubai. 

Contact Shuraa Business Setup today for a free consultation. Our team will answer all your questions and guide you through every step of the process to ensure a successful start to your business journey in Dubai. 

Facilities Offered at DWTC-FZ

  • Modern, fully equipped offices 
  • Co-working Spaces 
  • Facilities for meetings, conferences, and events 
  • Administrative support, IT services, and more 
  • High-Speed Internet 
  • 24/7 Security 
  • Parking Facilities 
  • Retail and Dining Options 
  • Easy access to Dubai International Airport 
  • Business centres equipped with essential office amenities 
  • Large-scale halls for exhibitions and trade shows 

Types of Companies Formed Under DWTC Authority

The DWTC Authority offers different structures for companies formed under its jurisdiction within the DWTC Free Zone. This includes: 

1. Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

  • Ideal for smaller businesses or single shareholders. 
  • Offers a simpler structure with fewer administrative requirements. 
  • Only allows for one shareholder. 
  • Well-suited for entrepreneurs or freelancers looking to establish a solo business presence in Dubai. 

2. Free Zone Company (FZCO)

  • Designed for larger businesses or partnerships with multiple shareholders. 
  • Provides more flexibility in terms of ownership structure, allowing for a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 shareholders. 
  • Offers a more established corporate structure compared to the FZE. 
  • Suitable for companies with multiple founders or investors seeking to operate in the DWTC-FZ. 

3. Foreign Branch

  • Allows an existing foreign company to establish a legal presence in Dubai to operate under the parent company’s name. 
  • Foreign branches are subject to regulations set by the Dubai mainland authorities and may have limitations on their business activities. 
  • This option might be suitable for established companies looking to expand their reach into the Dubai market without the full commitment of a separate legal entity. 

4. UAE Branch

  • This structure allows an existing company registered within the UAE (outside a free zone) to establish a branch office in Dubai. 
  • UAE branches are subject to mainland regulations and corporate income tax. 
  • This option might be useful for companies already operating within the UAE that want to expand their operations specifically within Dubai. 

DWTC Company Setup Process

1. Choose Business Activity

Select the type of business activity you want to engage in. 

2. Select a License Type

Based on your business activity, choose the appropriate license. Our team can advise you on the license that fits your needs most. 

3. Name & Structure

Select a catchy company name and decide if you’ll be a single shareholder (FZE) or have multiple (FZCO). 

4. Prepare Documents

Shuraa experts will guide you through the paperwork (passports, business plans, etc.). 

5. Apply & Get Approved

Submit your application with Shuraa’s assistance and get instant approval from DWTC Free Zone. 

6. Finalize & Launch

After any final steps, you’ll receive your license and be ready to launch! 

We’re Here to Help! Shuraa Business Setup can assist with finding office space, visas, and ongoing support. 

Business Setup Services Offered at Shuraa Business Setup

1. Company Registration

Our team handles all the registration paperwork efficiently. 

2. Documentation & Translation

We ensure all documents are accurate and in Arabic. 

3. Sponsorship Support

We assist in obtaining local sponsor requirements. 

4. Business Licensing

We guide you through acquiring the appropriate business license. 

5. PRO Services

Our PRO executives handle all government liaison tasks. 

6. Rented Office Space

Find the perfect workspace within the DWTC Free Zone. 

7. Cost-Effective Solutions

We offer competitive pricing for our comprehensive services. 

Why Choose Shuraa?

  • 50,000+ Companies Formed 
  • 23+ Years of Experience 
  • Client-Centric Approach 
  • Cost-Effective Solutions 
  • Hassle-Free Process 
  • End-to-End Support 
  • Legal Support 

Cost of Setting Up a Business in the DWTC Free Zone

The DWTC company setup costs generally start from AED 12,999* but can be lower or higher depending on several factors, including the type of license, visa requirements, and chosen office space. 

Shuraa Business Setup will provide you with a customized quote after understanding your specific needs. Contact us for a detailed quote and personalized consultation. 

Contact Shuraa Business Setup today for a free consultation. Our team will answer all your questions and guide you through every step of the process to ensure a successful start to your business journey in Dubai. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The DWTC Free Zone caters to a wide range of industries, including: 

  • Trading & Logistics 
  • Construction & Manufacturing 
  • Information Technology & Telecom 
  • Media & Entertainment 
  • Healthcare & Education 
  • Professional Services (consulting, legal, etc.) 

The cost depends on several factors, including the chosen license, visa requirements, and office space. Shuraa Business Setup can provide a customized quote after understanding your needs. 

No, unlike mainland Dubai, the DWTC Free Zone allows for 100% foreign ownership, eliminating the need for a local sponsor. 

The specific visa requirements depend on your nationality and employment role. Shuraa Business Setup can guide you through the visa application process and help you obtain the necessary permits for your employees. 

Yes, the DWTC Free Zone offers significant tax benefits. You'll be exempt from corporate and personal income tax to allow you to keep more of your profits. Additionally, there are no import or export duties on goods within the free zone. 

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