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Considering sponsoring parents in UAE and getting a parent’s visa in Dubai is supreme for expats eager to unite their families under one roof. This process, governed by specific eligibility criteria and legal prerequisites, allows residents to bring their parents to reside with them in the Emirates. From meeting financial standards to arranging suitable accommodation and directing application procedures, careful planning and adherence to the UAE’s immigration policies are essential.

This complete guide provided by Shuraa Business Setup plans the requirements, application process, legal considerations, and frequently asked questions to facilitate a unified sponsorship experience for your loved ones. Whether you’re planning a long-term stay or renewable residency visa, the information furnished here will facilitate your parents’ arrival and stay in the UAE.

Family members’ residence visas

Employers and employees with valid UAE residence visas can sponsor residence visas for their families. Unlike previous regulations, employees can now sponsor their families irrespective of their job titles if they meet the minimum salary requirement of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation. All newcomers over 18 sponsoring parents in UAE must undergo a medical fitness examination.

Sponsoring Parents in UAE Criteria

Expatriate residents in Dubai can obtain parents’ visas for their families to reside in the UAE, provided they hold a valid residence permit/visa. 

To sponsor parents in the UAE, individuals must meet a minimum salary requirement of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation. 

Family members, regardless of gender, who are over 18 years old and are being sponsored, must undergo and pass medical fitness tests at approved health centers in the UAE. 


  • In exceptional circumstances approved by the ICP, a mother can sponsor her children.
  • A resident sponsor must apply for their dependents’ residence visa within 60 days of entry into the UAE under an entry permit.
  • Residents can sponsor their parents, and the residence visa is issued annually regardless of the sponsor’s visa duration.
  • The profession of an expatriate worker is no longer a requirement for sponsoring family visas.
  • Individuals deemed medically unfit will not be eligible for a residence visa.
  • Residents diagnosed with dormant or inactive pulmonary tuberculosis are considered medically fit. They can obtain a one-year ‘Health Fitness Certificate for Residence’ contingent upon treatment and follow-up by the relevant health authority.
  • These conditions are subject to change periodically. It is advisable to consult the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP) or GDRFA for the latest updates.

Find official medical fitness centres run by the government for:

Helpful resources:

Sponsoring your Spouse and Children

An expatriate resident can sponsor the residence visas for his wife and children if he meets the sponsorship as mentioned earlier requirements. To sponsor a wife, the expatriate resident must provide evidence of a valid marital relationship by submitting a duly attested marriage certificate or a certified translation into Arabic.

Sponsoring two wives

In exceptional circumstances, a Muslim resident may be permitted to sponsor two wives, provided they meet specific terms and conditions established by the ICP.

Sponsoring daughters

An expatriate resident can sponsor his unmarried daughter(s) without age restrictions.

Sponsoring sons

A male or female resident can sponsor their son(s) until age 25. Sons with special needs can be sponsored without any age restrictions.

Sponsoring newborns

For babies born in the UAE, a residence visa must be applied for within 120 days of birth to avoid penalties.

Sponsoring stepchildren

An expatriate resident can sponsor stepchildren, subject to conditions set by the GDRFA. This entails placing a deposit for each child and procuring a written no-objection certificate from the biological parent. The residence visas granted are valid for one year and are renewable annually.

Documents Needed for Sponsoring Wife and Children

The following documents are necessary to sponsor your wife and children:

  • The completed application form is available online or through a registered typing office.
  • Passport copies of the wife and children.
  • Photographs of the wife and children.
  • Medical clearance certificate for wife and children aged 18 and above.
  • A copy of the husband’s employment contract or company agreement.
  • Salary certificate from the employer indicating the husband’s monthly salary.
  • Attested marriage certificate.
  • Registered tenancy contract.


The residence permits of family members are tied to the sponsoring family member’s residence permit. If the sponsoring family member’s visa is cancelled, the dependents’ visas must be cancelled.

Dependents are given a 6-month grace period from visa expiry or cancellation to get a new residence permit. Failure by the sponsor to renew or cancel their dependents’ visas could result in fines.

Sponsoring Parents in UAE

An expatriate employee can sponsor both parents for a year’s stay by depositing a guarantee for each parent, as required by the respective immigration department. Sponsoring only one parent is prohibited; both parents must be sponsored together. Additionally, the expatriate employees must demonstrate that they are the sole provider for their parents and that no one else is available to care for them in their home country.

In cases where one parent has passed away or if the parents are divorced, relevant official documents are required to justify sponsoring only one parent. To sponsor parents in UAE, the employed expatriate resident must meet the minimum salary requirement and get a medical insurance policy for each parent, with coverage meeting the stipulated minimum, to be renewed annually.

Residence Visa for a Spouse, Parent, or Child of a UAE Citizen

A foreign passport holder who is the spouse, parent, or child of a UAE citizen can get a UAE residence visa for 5 years without the requirement of employment in the UAE. The UAE citizen will serve as the sponsor in this scenario.

Additionally, a foreign widow or divorced woman who is the mother of a UAE citizen can get a residence visa without the necessity of employment in the UAE. In this case, the oldest child will act as the sponsor.

Discovering the Duration and Renewal Procedure for Parent Residency Visas

The initial validity period of a parent’s residency visa may differ based on regulations. It’s crucial to renew the parent’s residency visa upon its expiration. The renewal process entails submitting updated documents, such as evidence of ongoing financial stability, accommodation details, and maintaining a valid relationship with the sponsored parents.

Parent Visa Fees

To sponsor parents, the employed expatriate resident must meet the minimum salary requirement and obtain a medical insurance policy for each parent, as stipulated. The cost of residential visa services in Dubai varies depending on the duration and the sponsor’s visa type. However, the visa charges for sponsoring parents fall under the family visa category charge. The residency visa validity is granted for 1 year. Alternatively, if the sponsor holds a golden visa, they can apply for a 10-year golden visa for their parents, which aligns with their golden visa duration. Ordinary residency visa holders can only apply for a 1-year residency visa for their parents, renewable annually.

The specific cost of residential visa services in Dubai may also depend on the sponsor’s circumstances, such as being a UAE citizen or a valid residence visa holder and meeting minimum income requirements. Additionally, when applying for a parent residency visa, every sponsor must pay a warranty fee of AED 5000.

Rules for a Parent Residency Visa Application Process

  1. Acquaint yourself with all the prerequisites.
  2. Compile thorough documentation.
  3. Verify that all necessary documents are meticulously prepared and current.
  4. Stay informed about associated fees.
  5. Commence the process well before the visa expiry date to preempt any eleventh-hour hurdles.
  6. Arrange for medical assessments.
  7. Monitor visa validity and utilise online tools offered by immigration authorities.
  8. Seek expert counsel from a reputable Amer Center if required.

Remember, the visa application process may take some time. Exercise patience and promptly address any concerns that arise. 

90-Day Visit Visa for Family Members

Instead of a standard 60-day visa, UAE residents can apply for 90-day entry permits for their family members before sponsorship is formalised. The entry permit fee amounts to Dh1,020, and the following documents need to be provided: 

  • Passport-size photograph of the family member
  • Copy of the family member’s valid passport
  • Copy of the resident’s Emirates ID
  • Proof of residence, such as a lease contract or hotel reservation
  • Copy of a return ticket

Safeguarding Your Family’s Future in the UAE

Supervising the Sponsoring Parents in UAE requires responsibility and careful attention to detail. Your dedication demonstrates your respect for the UAE’s laws and traditions and your love for the family members you wish to bring closer. You will guarantee a smooth and successful application by thoroughly preparing all required documents, understanding the legal implications, and adhering to residency regulations. 

Stay active, stay informed about legislative updates, and don’t hesitate to seek expert leadership when necessary. Hold the expedition of reunifying with your loved ones and value the opportunity to create new memories in the UAE. For prompt assistance, contact us at +97144081900 or send a WhatsApp message to +971507775554. Alternatively, reach out via email at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you sponsor your parents in UAE?

You can sponsor your parents in the UAE, you must check the basic eligibility before sponsoring. One of the main requirements is that your minimum monthly salary should be qualified enough to sponsor.

Q2. Can I sponsor my spouse in Dubai?

You can sponsor your spouse in Dubai, you must check the basic eligibility before sponsoring. One of the main requirements is that your minimum monthly salary should be qualified enough to sponsor.

Q3. Are there any warranty fees required to sponsor parents in the UAE?

Yes, a warranty fee of AED 5000 is necessary for each residency visa holder who wishes to submit an application for their parents’ residency visa.

Q4. Can I still sponsor my parents in the UAE if the tenancy contract is not under my name?

No, applying for a family visa in the UAE is impossible without a tenancy contract in your name. This document is essential for ensuring your application is approved.

Q5. Is applying for a Parent’s Visa feasible if the individual is outside the country?

No, applying for a family visa is impossible if the person is outside the country. Their physical presence is required within the UAE during the residency proceedings, and they are not permitted to travel during this process.

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