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In the UAE Travel & Tourism industry is one of those evergreen business domains that rarely get affected. There is a plethora of reasons that make Dubai ideal to incorporate a Travel & Tourism Business. Dubai is a heart of the UAE. It is a globally recognized hotspot known for its landmark architectures, warm beaches, welcoming climate and constantly evolving vacationing culture. No wonder why Dubai’s tourism industry is constantly registering a rise in the number of international travelers every year.

So, if you are planning to setup up a travel company in Dubai or would like to expand your tourism business operations in the region, here what you need to do!

How to open a tourism company in Dubai

To start a tourism business, you need to register your business with the Department of Economic Development and the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. There are various tourism licenses in Dubai, and it is crucial to apply for the right type of tourism license. You may also speak with a business setup consultant for free before you start a tourism business in Dubai. A business setup consultant will not only help you with the procedures, but also guide you through all the steps of starting a tourism business in Dubai.

Commercial Activities Performed with A Tourism License

Once you secure a Tourism License in Dubai for establishing your business, you can;

  • Sell tourism packages offline & online
  • Issue travel insurance
  • Provide accommodation and stay options
  • Provide supporting services related to visa
  • Sell flight, railway & bus tickets
  • Provide car rental services
  • Sell adventure tour packages

You can leverage the above-mentioned tourism business opportunities in Dubai seamlessly. In fact, you can consult a Business Setup Agent and get Tourism Business License ASAP without any hassle.

Steps to obtain tourism business license in Dubai

There are 3 categories of Tourism License in Dubai – those are Inbound Tour Operator License, Outbound Tour Operator License and Travel Agent License.

Inbound Tour Operator License

An Inbound Tour Operator License enables a firm to handle inland travel, events, visa, and transportation needs for the locals and foreigners travelling to Dubai.

Outbound Tour Operator License

Such a license enables a firm to sell the travel & tourism packages outside of UAE through e-commerce, offline agents’ network, etc.

Travel Agent License

A Travel Agent License enables the firm to act as a vendor for tickets and booking related services on behalf of the agents. This includes tickets for flight, buses, trains, hotel & vacation bookings, car rental service, etc.

Required documents to get a tourism license in Dubai, UAE

Once you have decided on the type of license you want to get for your business, gather the following documents to get your Dubai tourism license seamlessly;

  • Completed Tourism License Application form
  • Copies of valid passports of the applicants
  • Certification of work qualification/bonafied by the manager
  • Certificate of the good conduct of the owner/Proof of clean criminal record
  • Detailed project report that highlights economical & technical feasibility of the project
  • No Objection letter issued by Civil Aviation Authority

Conditions of License Issuance to Keep in Mind

Keep the following conditions pertaining to business structure, personnel qualification and operations in mind;

  • Travel agency must be an LLC where 49% shares are owned by the foreign national, and 51% by a Local Sponsor.
  • The manager of the company must have at least 3 years of managing a travel/tourism/hospitality business.
  • Once the license is received, you must register it with Dubai Chamber for issuance of ‘Dubai Chamber Certificate.’ This certificate is necessary for registration of your firm with various govt. departments and business expansion to other emirates.

How to get a tourism business license in Dubai

While you can always take the conventional approach and apply for a tourism license yourself, it, may get confusing and time consuming. A super convenient way would be to start your tourism business in Dubai with Shuraa Business Setup.

At Shuraa Business Setup we offer hassle free business setup consulting services in the UAE. With us you will be able to get your license in the earliest possible timeframe with least effort. No just that, professional business setup consultants also offer services like providing Local Sponsor for companies who remain dummy partners for the sake of compliance.

To expand your brand or kick start your tourism business in Dubai speak to our expert for FREE! You can book free appointment

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