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Acquiring a car in Dubai may seem straightforward, but adhering to strict laws and regulations is crucial to avoid traffic penalties. The Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) prioritises the enforcement of traffic rules, making it impossible to evade fines for violations. To circumvent these penalties, staying informed about the regulations to abide by while driving in the Emirate is essential. This guide, presented by Shuraa Business Setup, offers an initial glimpse into traffic fines in Dubai and associated black points, providing valuable insights to help you navigate the city’s traffic regulations effectively. Keep reading to delve deeper into the specifics of traffic fines in Dubai. 

Understanding Dubai’s Black Points System 

In Dubai, the black point system serves as a mechanism for authorities to monitor traffic law violations. The city is equipped with cameras and radars strategically placed to capture infractions. When drivers breach specified rules, Dubai Police assign black points to their traffic file, with the severity of the offence determining the number of issues. Each violation carries a distinct point value. Notifications are sent via text message for each added point, and individuals can track their current black point tally on the Dubai Police website. Accumulating 24 black points empowers traffic police to revoke the driver’s license and impose a one-year driving ban. Depending on the gravity of the violations recorded, vehicle confiscation may also occur. 

Traffic Fines in Dubai for Speeding

Traffic Fines in Dubai incur fines and may result in the accumulation of black points on your driving record: 

  • Exceeding the specified speed limit by 80 km/h leads to a fine of AED 3000, 23 black points and potential vehicle and license confiscation for 60 days. 
  • Driving exceeding the specified limit by more than 60 km/h results in an AED 3000 fine, 12 black points, and vehicle impoundment for 30 days. 
  • Breaking the speed limit by less than 60 km/h leads to an AED 1500 fine, 6 black points, and vehicle impoundment for 15 days. 

Additional speed-related fines without black points include: 

  • AED 1000 for driving under the speed limit of less than 50 km/h. 
  • AED 700 for exceeding the speed limit by less than 40 km/h. 
  • AED 600 for exceeding the speed limit of less than 30 km/h. 
  • AED 300 for driving under the speed limit of less than 20 km/h. 

Penalties For Reckless Driving in Dubai 

Traffic fines in Dubai for reckless driving, resulting in 23 black points, encompass the following offences: 

  • Causing severe injury to another person due to reckless driving. 
  • Endangering someone’s life through reckless driving. 
  • Operating a vehicle without a proper number plate.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol. 

If a driver jeopardises someone’s life on the road, they will incur a fine determined by the court and have their vehicle impounded for 2 months. Likewise, driving without a car number plate results in 23 black points, an AED 3000 fine, and vehicle confiscation for 90 days. However, being apprehended for drunk driving entails a substantial penalty of AED 20,000, along with vehicle confiscation for 60 days. Court-imposed jail sentences ranging from several days to months are also conceivable. 

Penalties for Traffic Violations with Black Points in Dubai

Offences that may incur fines and less than 23 black points include the following: 

  • Disregarding the red light: This infraction results in 12 black points, an AED 1000 fine, and vehicle confiscation for 30 days. 
  • Blocking traffic with your vehicle: If your vehicle obstructs traffic flow, you will be fined AED 1000 and receive 6 black points. 
  • Failure to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles: Neglecting to keep a safe space between your vehicle and others may result in an AED 400 fine and 4 black points. 

Traffic Violations for Overtaking and Parking in Dubai

Below are the penalties for overtaking and parking violations in Dubai: 

  • Parking violations (e.g., parking before a fire hydrant, in spaces for people with disabilities, or sudden stops) result in AED 1,000 fines and 6 black points each. 
  • Stopping in a yellow box junction incurs an AED 500 fine. 
  • Parking on the left shoulder of public roads leads to an AED 1,000 fine. 
  • Stopping vehicles at pedestrian crossings, parking behind vehicles obstructing movement, or stopping without a safe distance result in AED 500 fines each. 
  • Improper parking warrants an AED 500 fine. 
  • Parking on pavements or stopping in a manner endangering pedestrians incurs AED 400 fines each. 
  • Wrong overtaking with a light vehicle leads to a AED 600 fine and 6 black points. 
  • Overtaking from the road shoulder incurs a AED 1,000 fine and 6 black points. 
  • Overtaking from a prohibited area results in a AED 600 fine. 

Additional Traffic Violation Leading to Fines in Dubai

The regulations concerning traffic fines in UAE serve a broader purpose beyond merely ensuring road and vehicle safety within the city. These stringent rules aim to maintain a safe environment for all residents and visitors. Consequently, drivers are urged to adopt a responsible attitude and behaviour towards consistently adhering to traffic regulations in Dubai. 

Below are additional violations that incur penalties: 

  • Driving without a seat belt: AED 400 fine and 4 black points. 
  • Discarding garbage from the vehicle: AED 1,000 fine and 6 black points. 
  • Operating a car that pollutes the environment: AED 1,000 fine and 6 black points. 
  • Driving a noisy vehicle: AED 2,000 fine and 12 black points. 
  • Allowing a child to sit in the front seat: AED 1,000 fine (Children under 10 years should sit in the back seat, and toddlers under 4 years must use a child seat). 
  • Using a phone while driving: AED 800 fine and 4 black points. 
  • Jaywalking: AED 400 traffic fine. 
  • Driving with old or expired tyres: AED 500 fine, 4 black points, and vehicle impoundment for 7 days. 
  • Driving without proper car registration or insurance: AED 500 fine, 5 black points, and vehicle confiscation for 7 days. 
  • Driving without lights during foggy or nighttime conditions: AED 500 fine and 4 black points. 
  • Reckless vehicle reversing: AED 500 fine and 4 black points. 
  • Riding a motorcycle without a helmet: AED 500 fine and 4 black points (The driver and passenger are fined if they do not wear helmets). 
  • Parking on pedestrian crossings: AED 500 traffic fine. 

Latest Traffic Penalties in Dubai

Alongside the current traffic fines in UAE, authorities implemented new traffic penalties on July 6th, 2023. Here are the particulars of the newly introduced fines: 

Traffic Offenses resulting in AED 10,000 Fines 

Violations include: 

  • Unauthorised vehicle modifications cause increased noise or speed. 
  • Operating vehicles without valid number plates. 
  • Evading or eluding law enforcement. 
  • Involvement in illegal activities like street racing or public display of cars. 
  • Window or windshield tinting exceeding approved limits or needing proper authorisation. 

Traffic Offenses Resulting in AED 50,000 Fines 

Violations include: 

  • Riding recreational bikes on paved roads. 
  • Reckless driving poses a danger to others. 
  • Ignore traffic signals or run red lights. 
  • Driving with a fraudulent or illegal Dubai driving license. 
  • Intentionally colliding with a police vehicle, potentially resulting in vehicle impoundment. 
  • Underage driving (under 18 years old). 

Traffic Offense Resulting in AED 100,000 Fines 

Engaging in illegal racing without official permission and any behaviour endangering other vehicles, individuals, or road infrastructure may lead to vehicle impoundment and fines of up to AED 100,000. 

How to Settle Traffic Fines

If you’ve received a traffic violation in Dubai, you can conveniently access and pay fines by searching for registered fines linked to your vehicle on the RTA website. When attempting to view and pay Dubai traffic fines, you’ll need to provide one of the following: 

  • Plate details
  • License number 
  • Fine number 
  • Traffic file number 

Traffic Fine Discounts in Dubai

The RTA offers discounts on traffic fines in UAE at various times. In 2020, for UAE’s 49th National Day, a 50% discount was given on fines before December 2020, with waived impoundments and black points until January 2021. In 2019, as part of the Year of Tolerance, motorists received up to 100% discounts by maintaining a clean driving record for specific periods. This aimed to encourage law-abiding behaviour and resulted in a 14% decrease in accidents. However, these discounts don’t apply to parking or Salik fines. 

Traffic Fine Notification 

Once a violation is recorded, Dubai Police will promptly send you a notification. Alternatively, you can visit the RTA website and complete a simple form to check if any fines have been registered against your vehicle. 

Paying Dubai Police Traffic Fines in Installments

Since February 2019, motorists in Dubai have had the option to pay traffic fines in interest-free instalments. Banks like First Abu Dhabi Bank and Noor Bank offer credit card holders a 0% Installment Plan for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, provided the traffic fine is at least AED 500. Payment can be made through the Dubai Police app, website, or at dedicated centres for paying traffic fines. 

Driving Tips for Dubai

In addition to understanding local laws, consider these practical driving tips for navigating Dubai’s roads: 

  • Ensure you possess a valid UAE driver’s license before operating any vehicle. 
  • Check if your home country’s driving license is transferable to a UAE license on www.dubai.ae
  • Avoid driving on beaches as it’s prohibited. 
  • Hand gestures may be misunderstood; use caution. 
  • Electronics and food won’t withstand the hot climate; avoid leaving them in your car. 
  • Eating, drinking, or leaving animals/children unattended in vehicles is prohibited. 
  • Using a mobile phone while driving is illegal. 
  • Respect red flashing lights; they indicate no entry. 
  • Tint car windows within the permissible limit of 30%.
  • Obtain a Salik card to drive on Sheikh Zayed Road. 
  • Police often monitor violations; be vigilant. 
  • Many speed cameras are positioned along roads. 
  • Dial 999 or 112 in emergencies. 
  • Your UAE residency visa is required for license exchange. 
  • You must be at least 18 years old to obtain a driving license. 

Note: Contact Shuraa Business Setup for assistance with residency visa applications. 

Concluding Thoughts

Empower yourself to manage traffic fines in Dubai effectively. Apart from your traffic fines, our dedicated team ensures your business operates within the bounds of UAE laws and regulations, minimising the risk of penalties and legal complications. From navigating licensing requirements to ongoing compliance support, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. 

Count on Shuraa Business to guide you through the intricacies of UAE regulations, providing peace of mind and confidence in your business operations. Contact our experts today via phone at +971 4 4081900, WhatsApp at +971 50 7775554, or email [email protected] for personalised assistance and proactive compliance strategies. Let us help you steer your business towards success while staying on the right side of the law.

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