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Daycare centers are one of the lucrative business opportunities that Dubai’s business environment has produced for foreign investors. Families in Dubai work from eight to five, just like in any other city. They are unable to look after their young children during working hours due to the hectic time constraints. People with ample resources frequently hire a nanny to watch their children all day long. However, the majority of parents in Dubai choose daycare facilities as one of their top options. Continue reading if you want to start a daycare in Dubai. You’ll also discover more about the necessary licensing and other criteria here. 

As both men and women find equal employment opportunities in the emirate, demand for daycare facilities in Dubai has grown exponentially over time. There are a number of procedures and requirements to follow in order to open a daycare center in mainland Dubai. You also need to acquire approval from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). Applying through business setup consultants in Dubai will simplify the process.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Daycare Centre in Dubai

Entrepreneurs who want to start a daycare in Dubai must keep in mind that they must effectively manage their responsibilities because it pertains to the safety of young children. You will be responsible for a child’s enjoyment, education, food, safety, and security. To succeed in the business, commitment, patient, and enough resource to fulfil all these important duties. If you feel prepared to start a daycare in Dubai, consider the following: 

  • Choose a location for the center that is safe and secure. 
  • Choose the age range of the kids your center will serve. 
  • Plan your safety and security measures. 
  • Make sure to employ staff who are trained and certified to look after the children.
  • Install any additional specialized equipment that is required. 

How to Start a Dubai Daycare Center in UAE?

It takes a lot of time to get a daycare license in Dubai. To start the business, you must first acquire a trade license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) and a permit from KHDA. Below are the steps to obtain a DED license. The process will be made easier by consulting with Dubai business setup consultants. 

1. Make a business plan

The first step in starting a daycare business in Dubai should be creating a solid business plan. A synopsis, company overview, market analysis, and a brief description of the business must all be included in the strategy. A projected financial plan is also mandatory in the business plan. 

2. Choose a name for your daycare in Dubai

The next step is to choose a catchy name for your company. The name should not, however, contravene governmental regulations on trade names. The name shouldn’t be obscene or indecent. Don’t copy the names of competing companies in the same sector. You can also get help from company formation consultants in Dubai in figuring out whether the name complies with DED trade name requirements. 

Decide on a legal structure for your company based on the number of shareholders or partners. One can choose from a sole establishment, a limited liability company (LLC), or another type of legal structure. 

4. Find a suitable location to start a daycare in Dubai

In Dubai, locate the ideal area for your business. Both the location and the center need to adhere to KHDA regulations. After choosing a location for the center, you must sign the tenancy agreement and submit it to the DED. 

5. Acquire KHDA approval

You should apply for a permit from the KHDA after obtaining the DED’s initial approval to start a daycare in Dubai. You can get help from business setup consultants in Dubai during this procedure. 

6. Suitable Staffing for starting daycare in Dubai

The next step after choosing the ideal location is to hire qualified experts who are familiar with your industry and its needs. The appropriate staff, though, will accelerate your company’s growth, therefore you must pay particular attention to this during the hiring process.

7. Invest in Equipment

A childcare facility is expected to contain the necessary tools to facilitate the child’s development and education. To urge parents to leave their children in a learning environment, the appropriate equipment should be carefully put to establish trust in their minds.

8. Prepare a childcare guide

For each company operating in this field, a childcare manual is also necessary Creating this document will help parents develop trust and give them a general understanding of the center. Now, keep in mind that the report must contain the following information: 

  • General Childcare Objectives
  • Childcare Initiative 
  • Application form with all required information about the child and parents 
  • Employee records 
  • Activities for caring and learning 
  • Security and safety precautions
  • Nutrition 
  • Contract of Employment and Application 
  • Attendance Book for Kids 
  • Staff Register every day 

9. Prepare the facilities for providing healthcare.

It is crucial to take the necessary precautions to stop the spread of any diseases because your center will be working with children. To meet nutritional need, children receive sufficient amount of nutrition from the daycare center. 

10. Make an activity plan

Finally, planning the activities is the next step. In addition to helping the kids develop, a well-structured plan will be essential to taking your company to the next level. 

Documents required to start a Daycare in Dubai

The following are the required documents to start a nursery in Dubai: 

  • Profile of the entrepreneur’s education and degrees with documentation 
  • A copy of the owner’s and the partner’s passport. 
  • Appointment letter for a manager of the daycare from the UAE or the GCC. 
  • A certificate of good conduct. 
  • The proposed daycare center’s location and design.
  • Approval from the municipality and civil defense. 
  • Photograph of the company’s proprietor. 

Steps to getting a daycare center KHDA approval

Following are the steps of getting KHDA approval to setup an Early Childhood Center in Dubai-  

  • Create and submit an Education and Care Plan (ECP) that details the suggested staffing, services, infrastructure, and pedagogical strategy.
  • When KHDA accepts the ECP, you may begin building or making the necessary modifications to the proposed premises. 
  • A candidate for Center Manager may also be advertised, shortlisted, interviewed, and chosen. 
  • Obtain additional approvals from pertinent agencies like the Dubai Health Authority, Civil Defense, and Municipality of Dubai (if applicable). 
  • The center is inspected by KHDA’s compliance team to determine whether the location is ready. 
  • Lastly, the KHDA will issue the permit if it determines that the center is prepared for operation. 

Qualifications for Daycare Center Manager

One of the most important steps in starting a daycare in Dubai is the recruitment, selection, and appointment of a center manager. Before formal appointment of a center manager, KHDA approval is mandatory. A bachelor’s degree or professional certification in managing an early learning center is also mandatory for daycare center manager. 

What Support Can Shuraa Business Setup Provide?

In Dubai, opening a daycare facility is a highly regulated process that calls for the assistance of qualified experts. The procedure can be made quick, easy, and affordable with the help of the top business setup consultants in Dubai, like Shuraa Business Setup. Furthermore, all the essential components of business setup in Dubai are areas in which our qualified consultants excel. 

Our business experts have extensive industry knowledge, so after learning about your company’s primary needs, they will offer solutions that are specifically as per your needs. Contact us right away if you want to talk; we’ll be happy to help. Call us at +971 44081900, WhatsApp us at +971 507775554, or send an email to [email protected] to get in touch with us.

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