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Web 3.0 or more colloquially, Web3, is the current phase of the internet we are stepping into. Believed to have begun from mid-2010s, Web3 seeks to improve various aspects of the internet, while specially focusing on decentralised technologies. These technologies include Blockchain, Crypto, Metaverse, VPNs, NFTs, DeFi (Decentralised Finance) platforms, and more. To invest in Web3, entrepreneurs need to know the basics behind it.

The aim of Web3 is to create a more user-centric experience, where users can be in control of their own data. Consequently, users will shift to platforms that do not need third-party services or require verification for transactions. This means that users will soon shift into becoming owners.

Dubai is poised to become the next international hub for the Web3 wave. The Emirate is looking forward to welcoming entrepreneurs to invest in Web3 businesses and boosting the digital economy.  

How to invest in Web3?

The future of the internet lies in Web3. It is currently the premier investment option for long-term growth. In fact, the easiest ways to invest in Web3 are: 

Cryptocurrency investments 

The chief attraction behind cryptocurrency is that it does not depend on any single authority for validation. There is a general belief that cryptocurrency is free from any political governance or international authorisation. On the contrary, when it comes to actual implementation, crypto is heavily influenced by general market conditions.  

Cryptocurrency being a decentralised ledger system makes it useful for maintaining accurate transactional records as well as diversifying one’s investment portfolio. The most popular tokens are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, etc. amid a growing base of digital currencies, all which implement the same Web3 technology. These digital tokens can be used for transactions (buying & selling) as crypto assets.  

Web3 investment funds 

Aside from cryptocurrency as an investment opportunity, Web3 investment funds are a profitable option to further diversify your portfolio. Additionally, investors can manage these funds passively or actively with investment distribution across a global range of Web3 projects.  

You can invest these funds in either pre-existing businesses or start-ups that are present in the Web3 space. Most of these companies dabble in blockchain technology, crypto platforms, or even DeFi tools. The ideal way to get maximum returns is by splitting your investments between small & large companies.  


The future of digital ownership lies in NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). They are one of the three pillars of Web3 along with crypto & metaverse. To sum it up, NFTs are digital assets built on the blockchain network making them similar to crypto tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum. The appeal behind NFTs lies in the fact that no two NFTs are the same. They represent ownership of a specific asset.  

Why should you invest in Web3? 

The current social paradigm is thoroughly in the favour of the Web3 movement. Therefore, here are some of the top reasons why investing in Web3 is the next big thing: 


Web3 works on the foundation of decentralisation with increased privacy at its centre. Web3 ensures that users will be the owners of their own data. This allows for anonymous interaction with platforms and complete ownership over data that is likely to be shared with third-party distributors.  

Privacy is now one of the most important social movements to emerge within the tech industry. Web3 companies are now updating their policies to align with the promises of privacy and security. Modern internet users are therefore seeking to invest in such Web3 businesses. 


The implementation of blockchain technology ensures that hacks that target data centres and data mining organisations are protected. This is done by decentralised encryption & storage of data. The principle of Blockchain works on distributed ledger which lets the user store records in various locations. The result is that altering records through unethical means becomes virtually impossible, leading to safer digital processes.  


When it comes to intelligent fiscal management, diversifying your portfolio is an essential aspect of it. Among the asset classes of stocks, bonds, alternative investments, etc. You can also add cryptocurrency tokens to add to the value of your portfolio. Crypto remains unaffected by market trends, conditions, or other economic factors. All the power remains in the hand of the users, which can sometimes be better than most traditional investments.  


Investing in Web3 technologies like blockchain or crypto seems like a natural economical evolution. Though the debate surrounding Web3 is still ongoing, all major global corporations are keenly observing the Web3 movement. Additionally, regulated financial institutions like banks are also leveraging on the security & privacy provided by Blockchain and developing internal systems for their operations. 

Early investment benefits 

Currently, the Web3 sector is showing the most promise and room for growth. Even large tech companies like Facebook are rebranding themselves to embrace the new wave of the internet. Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most popular cryptocurrency in the market right now. Now, is the right time to take advantage of this growing industry. Early investors can expect immense returns over the year.  

Looking to diversify your portfolio by investing Dubai. Connect with reliable corporate consultants like Shuraa to start your global business operations today.  

Starting your own Web3 venture in Dubai 

The Web3 phase has led to the formation of brand-new business opportunities that never existed before. Commercial entities can start evolving their business operations and modernise their platforms. In fact, incorporating blockchain technology as a verification tool for different applications or utilising the Metaverse as a new form of marketplace are just a couple of examples as to how Web3 can affect global commerce.  

However, this is where experts like Shuraa Business Setup come in. With over 20 years of experience in end-to-end corporate consultancy, Shuraa is a one-stop shop for all your UAE company formation needs. Invest in your Web3 business and also get benefits like free lifetime residency, tax exemptions, free VAT consultancy & more. Contact us today: 

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