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Dubai is a place where wonders happen. The majestic buildings, world-famous restaurants, and well-known companies with the flourishing oil and gas industry make Dubai one of the most sought-after locations for setting up a business. Not to mention the warm acceptance of foreign entrepreneurs and the supportive government policies that help entrepreneurs expand their businesses.

However, with high-end infrastructure and the latest architectural projects, Dubai also needs high-end maintenance to maintain the existing structures. Such services are provided by companies holding a valid general maintenance License in Dubai. Having a maintenance License in UAE is profitable since maintenance is an activity one cannot ignore if they want the building or their place to always look the best. Thus, the opportunity to partner with companies and residencies to maintain their infrastructure is expansive.

So, if you want to obtain a general maintenance License in Dubai and are wondering how to start a maintenance company in Dubai, continue reading further.

What is a General Maintenance License?

A general maintenance License allows you to carry out diverse kinds of activities. You can make repairs and carry out the general maintenance duties to keep the buildings in shape. Individuals in this field decide what compositions and equipment need to be changed.

What Are the Benefits of Obtaining a General Maintenance License?

The benefits of obtaining a general maintenance License in Dubai are many. Following is a general overview of the same:

  • General maintenance is a long-lasting business because of real estate sector boom.
  • It is organized and regulated by Dubai municipality.
  • Highest standard of labor law and protection to employees
  • Big projects and yearly maintenance contract assure regular business.
  • Low cost of company setup
  • Provision for higher employee/ labor visa quotas

What Activities Can You Perform with a General Maintenance License?

Following is a list of activities you can carry out with a general maintenance License:

  • Reactive and Preventive maintenance
  • Renovation and Modification
  • Plumbing and repair jobs
  • AC Maintenance as well as repair
  • Paintwork (External paint and Internal Paint)
  • Electrical work and repair
  • All types of carpentry work, including gypsum and partition
  • Handyman services for all kinds
  • Beautification and maintenance of gardens
  • Gypsum decorations in places offices, shops and hospitals,
  • Flooring and tiling like vinyl flooring, wooden flooring, altar flooring, gulper flooring and carpet flooring.
  • Removal and varnishing of wood floor wax.
  • Wallpaper installation of all kinds
  • Installing curtain railings
  • Setting up home appliances
  • Frame and picture hanging on the wall.
  • Light installation as well as fittings
  • Bathroom fittings as well as blinds fitting
  • Installing new locks as well as changing them
  • Lockets and wire switch changing
  • Electrical wiring
  • Silicon resealing in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Dripping tap as well as installing shelves
  • Replacing bulbs as well as assembling furniture

Step-By-Step Process to Obtain a Maintenance License in Dubai

The step-by-step process to obtain a maintenance License in Dubai is the same as the process for a general maintenance License in Dubai. Following is a brief overview of the process with the necessary documents and costs.


To obtain any License in Dubai or UAE, you must submit a couple of necessary documents. Following is a list of documents that one must submit:

  • Passport size photographs
  • Passport copies of all stakeholders
  • Entry stamp or visa copies

The requirements of documents depend upon several factors, including the type of activity, company structure, and additional permits. Shuraa experts can help you with a detailed list of documents after considering these factors. They will also ensure that your documents are valid to avoid mishaps.

Company setup Cost

Several factors determine the cost of starting a maintenance company in Dubai. One must consider factors like size of the company, type of the company, activities you want to carry out, requirements of any extra permits, location, and more. Thus, giving out a definite number is not possible.

Shuraa professionals can work out the total cost of the License for you. They will also ensure you do not overpay for any permits.

How to start a maintenance company in Dubai?

Step1. Decide Your Company Name

UAE has established rigorous guidelines regarding company naming. Therefore, whatever name you decide on must adhere to it. Here are some fundamental guidelines:

  • There must be no use of foul language.
  • Do not use offensive words.
  • Do not mention anything about Allah or any other gods!
  • If you are planning to name it after someone, stay away from acronyms.

Get in touch with Shuraa Business Setup for a detailed list of rules. They will make sure that your business name is legally correct and distinctive. Consequently, open for registration.

Step 2. Decide Your Company Structure and Location

After deciding on the company name, it is imperative to determine the legal structure of your business. You can opt for a sole proprietorship, LLC, limited partnerships, or any other legal structure Dubai offers. Next, you must also decide the base of your operations. Where do you want to set up your business? You can do so on the mainland or in any one of the free zones. Weigh your options, and then take a call.

Step 3. Obtain Necessary approval from Dubai Municipality

Dubai municipality is a regulatory authority for all types of Building maintenance/contracting and engineering activities, you must take necessary approvals based on nature of business activity. You must appoint a dedicated manager with required qualification to be point of contact between company and Dubai municipality.

Step 4. Apply for License

Submit the necessary documents with the certificates to the authorities for your License. Ensure that all your documents with the application form have the correct information. Additionally, you may need to rent or lease a space after obtaining your License. For this, you will have to register yourself with the relevant authorities.

Step 5. Get Insurance

To demonstrate your legal obligation to cover any loss or damage you could do to a customer’s property while carrying out maintenance tasks, you must have insurance. States require liability insurance to guarantee compensation to the clients for the repairs.

Shuraa professionals can help you determine the minimum amount of insurance you should purchase and a list of insurance firms that sell policies in your region or state.

Get Your General Maintenance License with Shuraa

Shuraa professionals can assist you in obtaining your general maintenance License in Dubai. We will handle your paperwork and ensure it is in the appropriate format. We will also assist with obtaining extra permissions and ensure you don’t overpay for your License. Just get in touch with us, and we will take care of the rest.

Get in touch with us

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