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Business licenses in Dubai is compulsory requirement for every type of company formation. Setting up a new business in Dubai can be an exciting prospect and several variables need to be considered. However, the most important of all is business licensing in Dubai.

This article will provide you a complete guide on the various types, structures and procedures involved in Dubai business licensing.

Why do you need a business license in Dubai?

A Dubai based business license validates your company as a legal entity certified to do business. Not just this, the business license also identifies you and your business enterprise. It takes accountability of your commercial proceedings as well as protects the public health and safety.  On the other hand, it also allows to the governmental entities to regulate and survey the commercial proceeding in the city.

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Who provides business licenses in Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is a government body entrusted to license companies or individuals who desire to carry out businesses in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development provides business licenses in Dubai. Dubai DED is the entity that does not only provide business licenses, but also regulates the procedures related to business licensing.

A DED licensed business is generally known as a “local company”. You must note that only mainland companies are registered and licensed by the Department of Economic Development, unlike free zone companies – those are licensed by private authorities.

What are the types of business licenses in Dubai?

There are mainly four types of business licenses in Dubai as well as around the UAE.

  1. Commercial license for general trading businesses
  2. Professional license for service-related businesses
  3. Industrial license for manufacturing goods
  4. Tourism license for travel and tours industry

Business licensing is the most initial stage of starting a UAE business, but you also need to know that there are different agencies and jurisdiction that manage the system of business licensing. Watch the video to understand it in detail.

Which is the best type of business license in Dubai?

All the business licenses in Dubai are industry specific. While some licenses would be apt for some businesses, other may not be compatible for the related business activities.

This means that you can apply for a business license depending on the industry, business activity, the structure of the company, etc. However, the suitability of the license is different for each business. Also, the region you decide to set up the business in Dubai also plays an important role to determine the best business license for you. The right way would be to consultant a company formation expert. An expert can analyse and advice as per your commercial needs and future scopes of the company. Click here to consult a company formation expert for FREE Contact us.

How to get a business license in Dubai?

So, if you have learnt it all about the various business licensing options available, then you would be surely wondering how to get a business license in Dubai? What documents are required to license your business? Or are there any major conditions for getting a Dubai business license?

Various jurisdictions and business activities have its own licensing requirements. However, if you opt for a mainland license in Dubai then below are the most probable requirements:

  • One of the business partners needs to be present during the process for applying a business license in Dubai.
  • Passport copies of all the business partners as well as mangers depending that are required as per the business activity.
  • A NOC from the sponsor of the company for expat investors or foreign partners.
  • Copies of the residency visa for all the business partners.
  • You need to ascertain your business activity and legal structure for the company along with the reservation for the trade name.
  • Also, an initial approval from the DED and external approvals as required needs to be submitted with the application.
  • The tenancy contract for the office space and the Ejari also is a requirement to get the business license in Dubai.

All these documents are submitted by a PRO to the Department of Economic Development (DED). And after the fees is paid the license is issued.

How to renew your business license in Dubai?

Business license in Dubai needs to be renewed on an annual basis. Companies and commercial entities need to go through the process of documentation for renewal of the business license. Also, the business license must be renewed before the due date as a penalty is charged on late renewals. Getting a business license renewed can be made easier with the help of a business setup service providers in the UAE.

Speak to Shuraa Business Setup

Shuraa Business Setup is the only destination to get all the business licensing services under one roof! At Shuraa, our business setup consultants help you choose the right license for your business. We also make you understand the various process of getting a business license.

Shuraa Business Setup also communicates with the Department of Economic Development (DED) for all your licensing processes and ensure you get every approval that is required for the business. We do not only help you get the business license but also renew it annually so that can save yourself from delays and penalties.

Would you like to know more on business licensing in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE? Need to know the difference between licenses for mainland as well as free zone regions? or may you need to estimate the cost of business trade license in Dubai?

Book your FREE consultation with our Shuraa’s Business Setup consultants today!

Call us on +97144081900 / WhatsApp +971507775554. You can also email us at [email protected] or simply log on to www.shuraa.com

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