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E-Channel in UAE: Services, Registration, & Fees

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Smart systems are the need of the hour. Keeping the same in mind, the UAE has recently launched the e-channel system. It helps the users with processes like naturalisation, service applications, and more. The e-channel registration in the UAE relieves the users from visiting offices and helps the UAE to take giant strides in their vision of increased business digitisation.

The customers have 24X7 access to the portal since it’s online and information regarding immigration, visa, etc, are all bundled under one roof. The UAE and GCC nationals, expats, visitors, etc., can register their accounts on the e-channel portal. The system is efficient, advanced, and would improve further with time and other technological advancements.

What is the e-channel UAE system?

The e-Channel UAE system is an online platform that simplifies the process of submitting immigration-related applications. By eliminating the necessity of in-person visits to typing centers, this system not only streamlines the procedure but also accelerates it significantly.

The system is accessible to both individual applicants and sponsors, as well as businesses managing immigration processes for their employees. The e-Channel UAE system ushers in a new era of convenience and efficiency in immigration procedures.

Process for e-channel registration in the UAE

The steps for e-channel registration are straightforward. Moreover, even after being an online procedure, it’s completely secure and free of any data breaches. Therefore, all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below for successful registration:

1. Select the preferred structure

Get started with the e-channel registration process by going to the e-channel portal. Select your preferred structure that can either be an individual or an establishment. Note that free zone establishments should only register with their free zone corporation’s details. Once you select your preference, simply click on the “Registration” button on your screen. 

Email verification is a critical step to ensure data security and authentication. You need to add your business email address and you’ll receive a set of instructions on your email. Click on “Register” after entering the email. Remember that all the future details regarding your e-channel enrollment and request would be sent to this email.

3. Provide establishment details

Fill in all the required establishment details that appear on the next page. Cross-verify all the details you submit to ensure that your account is created in one go. The best way to open an account on the e-channel portal is by getting in touch with the legal advisors in Dubai. They guide you through the process and take care of everything for you. Once you have filled in these details, click “next” and you’ll be redirected to the next page.

4. Fill the user details

After providing your establishment details, it’s time to fill in the user details. Follow the guidelines mentioned on the page and you’ll get an idea of what needs to be submitted in each section.

5. Complete the registration

Once you have submitted all the details, all you need to do is click on the “Register” button. It will ask for final confirmation. Simply agree to it and you’re done with the e-channel process and a confirmation email on the registered email address would validate the same. 

6. Use the portal

Your account is ready to use once you receive the final confirmation. You can now place your application requests on the e-channel immigration system by clicking on “Start Service.” Then, you need to provide the required details and documents which might include passport copy, photograph, etc. Make the necessary payments and you’re done. Furthermore, you’ll receive an email confirmation regarding the service request you placed.

Benefits of the e-channel system in UAE 

The world of digitization comes with various benefits. The e-channel immigration system offers several benefits to the applicants and the management too. Some of them include: 

1. Faster processes

The UAE’s government is trying to digitize the processes related to immigration, visas, and residency. After the introduction of the ‘UAE 2021’ mission, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) has launched the service named ‘Smart Services with Future Vision’ to make applicants apply online for all the services related to employee visas, travel permits, investors visa, long-term residency visa, and all other types of visas available. The government is trying to standardize the system of applying for any visa or permit by providing everything on a single platform. It saves much time and effort for the applicants who seek to set up their business in the UAE. 

2. Streamlined operations

The UAE e-channel service helps applicants get all the important notifications of their application details. They can track the progress through this system and can print all the necessary documents related to their request. Apart from individuals, the website also offers immigration related services to corporate firms. They can apply for their employees’ work and residence visas. This makes it very easy for businesses already set up in the Emirates. 

3. Minimal paperwork

This system reduces the paperwork by ensuring that all the tasks are done digitally. It accepts the scanned copies of documents that are required during the application process. Furthermore, the payment is done through online portals. All the fees and charges are to be paid via a secure digital service. E-receipts are generated for all the transactions made through the system making and this helps you keep a record of everything.

4. One country one system

The system has made sharing of data and information easier than ever. Six out of seven Emirates use this e-channel system. It shows uniformity among these Emirates. All these six Emirates are inter-connected. Therefore, the e-channel system makes the process more efficient and successful. Dubai is the only Emirate that doesn’t use this system as it has its own system to manage such operations.

5. Lowers the burden of administrative and immigration centres

The UAE’s administration can finally feel relaxed after the introduction of an e-channel system to manage the applications. It reduces the work burden of the MOI to a great extent by making everything digital. Earlier, there used to be a sizable rush at the immigration centers to apply for visas and permits. But with the e-channel system, these centers became free from the long queues and waitlists. The overall burden has significantly reduced for all the parties involved in the application process.

E-channel fees

The UAE e-channel registration fee includes two types of fees, one is the initial registration fee of AED 2300, and the other is a refundable security of around AED 5025. Apart from these, there are some miscellaneous fees which consist of payment fees, renewal fees, and MOI fees. The overall fees of e-channel registration can vary depending on the licensing authority through which you apply.

You can take a cost estimation of around AED 7500 – 9000 for the entire e-channel process. Remember that all prices are inclusive of VAT and you won’t be charged anything extra in the name of additional or hidden charges. The UAE’s government policies ensure 100% transactional transparency across all operations, let alone the e-channel registration in the UAE.

Connect with Shuraa Business Setup 

At Shuraa, we simplify the process of company formation in Dubai and all across the UAE. We’ll help you register on the e-channel portal and our business setup consultants would guide you through the procedure of using the portal for various needs. They’ll help you get familiar with its interface and stop you from committing any mistake. All you need to do is collaborate with Shuraa Business Setup and share your requirements with our experienced team.

To get in touch with our experts, call us at +971 44081900 or send a WhatsApp message on +971 50 777 5554. For email assistance, you can write to us at [email protected].

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