What are the requirements of getting an instant trade license in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most extensive and diversified region in the entire UAE. There are numerous ventures as well as business opportunities in Dubai that attract foreign businessmen and international investors each year.

Business setup in Dubai offers a major market to expats investors, thus seeking instant investment possibilities. Identifying the need and comprehending with the current market trend the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) started offering instant trade license, through which investors and businessmen can get commercial license in 5 minutes!

The Dubai Department of Economic Development came up with the plan to offer instant trade license in Dubai in order to make business setup in Dubai a more convenient process. As per the DED in Dubai you can get a commercial license without a Trade Name Registration and you do not even require a Tenancy Agreement or a Rent Contract to get trade license in Dubai.

However, you do need a list of requirements and need to pay a nominal cost for trade license in Dubai, here is the list of terms; requirements and fees to get instant trade license in Dubai

Dubai Instant Trade License Terms and Requirements:

  1. Business partners; shareholders or at least one of the partners in the business should be present during the process for applying an instant trade license in Dubai.
  2. Passport copies of all the business partners; shareholders and mangers that are required as per the business activity.
  3. An NOC from the sponsor of the company for international investors or foreign partners.
  4. Copies of the residency visa for all the business partners.
  5. In case for General Trading license in Dubai you will have to consider DED E-services – a personal Dubai ID Smart Pass be required for the same. (Which can be created at the same time.)

Dubai Instant Trade License Fees:

  1. Payment Voucher Fees – The payment voucher fees will be inclusive of the trade name reservation, the initial approval and issuance of the license. This is a varying fee and depends on the business activity, however an additional amount is charges for the expediency.
  2. Outsourced Centers Fee – An additional 2000 AED for Dubai general trade license application will be charged through outsourced centers.
  3. Rental Costs – There are no rental costs for the first year. You can save and get a grace periods for until one year from renting an office in Dubai with an instant trade license.
  4. Sponsorship Fees – This is again a tentative cost and depends on the business activity you seek sponsorship.
  5. Happiness Lounge – In case you would want to do your process of getting an instant trade license in Dubai from the Happiness Lounge it will cost you an additional 3000 AED.

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