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The advancements in technology and people’s hassle-free access to the internet have brought about some instrumental changes in consumer behavior. Today, customers prefer to order online as it’s just one tap away, and they get plenty of discounts too. Therefore, if you want to set up an online flower business in Dubai, you’re going on the right track.

Almost 90% of the UAE’s population make use of the internet for some reason or the other. So, you have a massive audience pool to grow your business in Dubai. All you need to do is get in touch with business setup consultants who’ll help you throughout the online company formation procedure.

How to start an online flower shop business in Dubai?

1. Decide the business activities

What all permission does your online flower shop need from the governing bodies? You’ll need to list down all the business activities that you’ll be carrying out daily to answer this question. Moreover, you also need to decide the company’s structure, i.e., an LLC, sole proprietorship, a division of a foreign parent corporation, and more.

2. Trade name reservation

Once you know the business activities that your online flower shop in Dubai will carry out, it’s time to finalize a business name for it. You can go to the public service portal and check whether the desired name is available or not. Ensure that the trading name doesn’t consist of offensive terms, insulting words, controversial remarks, religious attacks, etc.

3. Company registration

You’ll need to register your company with the concerned jurisdiction to obtain the desired license. A valid license is essential for the smooth functioning of your online flower shop business. You should connect with business experts in Dubai to ensure risk-free company registration with end-to-end assistance.

4. Obtain the license

The concerned governing body will approve your business license application after duly performing the regulatory checks. In case of any issues with compliance or paperwork, you’ll need to rectify them quickly and re-apply to obtain the license. Moreover, you need to obtain additional approvals for business activities not mentioned in your license.

5. Craft an elegant website

Since you’re targeting the online audience, your website must be elegant enough to attract new visitors and encourage them to shop from your portal. The website should offer a seamless user experience and must be easy to navigate. Furthermore, you should use advanced payment gateways to facilitate secured online transactions.

Benefits of starting an online flower shop in Dubai

1. Cost efficient

You don’t need to invest hefty sums of money for buying a lavish office space to open your online flower business in Dubai. Your major expenses would be the e-commerce platform and logistics. Apart from these, there’s no such significant cost involved in this business. Furthermore, it implies that you have the added flexibility to try different things in your business domain and spend this money for the growth of your online flower shop.

2. Benefit from flower center and growing flower industry

One of the developments in the flower industry in Dubai is a completely automated flower center. This plant can process hundreds of thousands of flowers every day. It covers an area of over 100,000 square meters. It houses workplace and residential buildings, processing and packing stations, flower pavilions, and specialist storage facilities. Moreover, the Dubai Flower Center free trade zone was established specifically for the effective advancement of projects involving plant breeding and floral product sales. Therefore, you’ll get ample opportunities in this business niche.

3. Flexibility

The online flower business in Dubai empowers you to run your business the way you want to. There are no constraints on the partners/employees in an online business model. Business owners who operate in the area have the freedom to hire workers from all over the world. All you need to do is provide the new employees with an employment visa as mandated by the legal process.

4. No personal taxes

When you carry out an online business in Dubai, you enjoy the benefit of zero personal tax. It means you can retain the entire profit with you. Furthermore, it also helps in improving the liquidity position of the business.

5. Ease in visa availability

The government of Dubai has made the visa acquiring process very straightforward and convenient. A businessman willing to start an online flower business in Dubai can quickly get a visa for business personnel as well as relatives.

Considerations for starting an online flower business in Dubai

Choosing the right e-commerce platform

The first and foremost consideration before starting your online flower shop is the e-commerce platform. Your entire potential market/customers will come to this website. Therefore, it should be attractive and professional. You should invest your time and money wisely over the online platform. Try to make it user-friendly and intuitive to ensure that it shows your full range of collections. Apart from this, it should be safe and secure. All the transactions will take place online, so ensure that there is a security check and payments are made comfortably. It’ll assure both parties – you and the customer. Remember to take trial runs and rectify all the bugs (major and minor) that you find during these evaluations.

Logistics for your online flower shop in Dubai

Logistics is a very sensitive aspect of your online flower business that you need to decide carefully. Your long-term sustainability will depend on your logistic service. It includes two major aspects – timely delivery and fresh delivery. Flowers are delicate and may not remain the same if the delivery is not done on time. You need to maintain good relations with your delivery partners and customers as well.

After sorting the delivery part, you need to check how you will store the flowers. If not storing, then what are the other options? From where will you get these flowers? All these aspects related to logistics needed to be thoroughly analyzed. Before starting your company, carefully decide on its structure and collaborate with partners who you trust. At the end of the day, your brand image will be on the line if something bad happens along the way. Online shops are also more likely to get customer feedback, so you must get it right from the start if you want to maintain a successful online reputation and profile.

Marketing department

For the marketing purpose of your online flower shop in Dubai, you need to explore digital marketing. Online businesses can target brand awareness, target market expansion, sales, etc., through optimized internet marketing practices. Today’s tech-savvy generation is well-versed with social media, and the online time spent is also at an all-time high. Therefore, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email marketing, newsletter, etc., can help you achieve your goals. The expenditure in e-commerce and digital marketing is a deferred one that gives guaranteed profits in the long run.

Shuraa – your business companion

The UAE is the land where dreams come true. Entrepreneurs and new-age investors who want to open their online business in Dubai get adequate support from Shuraa Business Setup. Our legal advisors help you set up your online flower shop in Dubai at reasonable costs and relieve you of all your company formation worries. So, what’s the wait for? Let’s connect today and take things forward.

Consult with Shuraa today by calling us on +971 44081900. For chat assistance, send a WhatsApp message on +971 50 777 5554. You can also write to us at [email protected].

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