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How to Get a Training Institute License in Dubai?

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Wondering how to get a training institute license in Dubai? Interested in setting up a training institute in UAE? There are some important steps you will have to follow. These steps are different from other types of company formation in Dubai and across UAE.

To start an educational firm, training institute or school, you will have to obtain a license for a Training Institute. You can establish a training institute in Dubai mainland or in one of the several free zones in Dubai. Before comprehending how to a get training institute license in Dubai, it is essential to know the requirements.

The steps of setting up an educational training license in Dubai Mainland –

Step – 1 Initial Phase of Department of Economic Development (DED)

  1. Get initial approval
  2. Trade name reservation

Step – 2 Initial Phase of Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)

  1. Application form
  2. Registration plan
  3. Course list
  4. Shareholders list (all + manager)-passport copies & notarized signature
  5. Nominate manager, should be qualified & possess attested certificates
  6. Business plan will be forwarded to strategy department of KHDA for review.
  7. KHDA will either permit or reject the application.
  8. For obtaining permit fee is AED 30,000, will be charged and NOC will be issued by KHDA.

Step – 3 Second Phase of DED

  1. Apply for the Professional License
  2. Submit the documentation and paperwork from the Initial Phase.

Step – 4 Second Phase of KHDA

  1. Submit copy of professional license
  2. Copy of tenancy contract
  3. Civil defence certificate

Requirements of obtaining educational training license in Dubai Mainland –

To establish an educational sector in Dubai Mainland you need to get approvals from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

What is the role of DED?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the licensing body for Dubai mainland. Every commercial entity must be licensed by the DED and it is the same for educational sectors in Dubai. DED provides the initial approval, trade name reservation and the ultimately the professional license in Dubai.

Primarily, the DED will reserve the trade name for training or educational institutes in Dubai. The DED will provide the initial approval for the establishment. DED will also demand approvals depending on the nature of the institute. After fulfilling all the requirements the DED issues the educational training license in Dubai Mainland.

To open an educational training facility, an institute or a school you will have to obtain a training permit or approval from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

What is KHDA?

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is a governmental authority authorised to supervise private education sectors in Dubai. KHDA works towards the procedural outlook of the educational institutes and ensures educational excellence.

KHDA supervises and provides approvals to training institutes, early child education centres, schools, higher education providers, colleges and training facilities. The goal of KHDA is to safeguard the continual development of the education sector in Dubai and to expand the value and products of education on all fronts.

Similarities of obtaining educational training license in Dubai mainland and freezones –

The process of obtaining an training institute license in freezones is different from Dubai mainland. Furthermore, the process of getting an educational training license from freezone to freezone also differs. Nevertheless, be it freezone or mainland, the KHDA approvals are similar for both the commercial entities and play a crucial role. After receiving the pre-approval from freezone authority or mainland, sanctions from the KHDA is a must.

These involve –

  • The business plan and layout for the facility must be submitted to KHDA for initial approval.
  • The educational course materials that will be applicable on the training institute will also need to be submitted for approval.
  • The supporting documents for the facility’s teacher and instructor also will need to be submitted.
  • Once the approval is issued by KHDA, the license shall then be issued by the respective supervising authority freezone or Dubai mainland.

What are the benefits of setting up an educational institute in Dubai?

  1. One of the attractive features getting an educational institute license is that you get 100% Foreign Ownership. This means you get solely can own and operate the educational training institute, without the need to deal with an additional shareholder.
  2. You have the freedom of choosing an ideal space for the institute anywhere in mainland or freezone, while setting up an educational institute in Dubai.
  3. Another beneficial area is the existence of foreign educational institutes in the region. This allows you to collaborate and affiliate with other international curriculum and educational brands.
  4. Commercial training institutes are also tax free and have no direct taxation applied such as corporate taxation in UAE.
  5. If you decide to get a professional license in Dubai mainland rather than a freezone, you will have no restrictions and can access a wide range of market. You can also contract with large companies, education institutes, government agencies apart from your end target audience.

Cost of setting up a training institute in Dubai

Business setup fees for training institute in Dubai



Type of Fees

Period Covered


License and sponsorship cost in Dubai

Initial Approval

Gov’t Fees

One time

AED 235


Name Approval

Gov’t Fees

One time

AED 735


Typing of MOA / LSA

Typing centre

One time

AED 500


Notarization of MOA / LSA

Gov’t Fees

One time

AED 875


Sponsorship Fees + PRO services (due on the day of court agreement)


Every Year

AED 15000


License Fee

Gov’t. Fees

Every year

AED 6600

Added business setup fees for training institute in Dubai

Rented Office

Depends on requirements

Depends on requirements

Depends on requirements


Market fees 2.5% of Premises annual rent to be paid to Economic Department.

Gov’t. Fees

Every Year



Arabic name free – Foreign name charges AED 2,000/

Gov’t. Fees

Every Year

AED 2000


KHDA approval fees

Gov’t Fees

Every Year

AED 30000

Fees in labour and immigration department

Immigration card fees

Gov’t Fees

Every 3 years

AED 760


Labour Card fees

Gov’t Fees

one time

AED 2700


Telephone + P.O. Box Update (Economic Dept.)

Gov’t. Fees

one time

AED 560


Company Rubber Stamp


one time

AED 100


Setting up a training institute in Dubai can be complex at times, and there are many factors to take into consideration. Seeking professional advice or speaking to an expert its always advisable. Book free consultation with our company formation consultants in Dubai today!

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