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Helping entrepreneurs take their first steps since 2001


Crafting Business Success Stories Since 2001

In the vibrant heart of Dubai, a beacon of guidance has inspired the way for aspiring entrepreneurs since 2001. Meet Shuraa Business Setup – your consistent ally on the exhilarating path to business establishment across the UAE. Beyond mere procedures, we’re architects of success. Picture a master team of UAE business setup experts, legal wizards, PRO aces, and company formation maestros uniting to compose your victory. 

More than professionals, we’re passionate trailblazers weaving excellence into every step. Our dedication to perfection drives us to serve you not just adequately but remarkably. With Shuraa, your business’s future is not just envisioned – it’s ingeniously crafted. Let’s not just build businesses; let’s forge legacies. Join Shuraa Business Setup and upgrade your entrepreneurial aspirations to unprecedented heights. Your journey to a better business begins here. 

A Legacy Unfolded: 23+ Years of Shuraa Business Setup

Mr Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei

Since 2001

In 2001, Mr Saeed Khalifa Mohammed Al Fuqaei ignited a legacy – Shuraa Business Setup. Our impact resonates two dynamic decades later, having registered 50,000+ UAE companies. We champion your success, sparing you time, effort, and money. Renowned for our bespoke service, we stand by your side, shaping triumphs, one-step solution at a time. 

Milestones of Excellence: A Journey of Achievements

From our inception in 2001 as pioneering business setup experts with SHURAA, we’ve marked significant milestones: 


Honoured as Dubai’s premier brand and business setup consultancy. 


Established two dynamic business centres at Business Bay. 


Pioneered the Investor’s Right Protection Contract.


Introduced business centres at Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Karama. 


Spearheaded registration and sponsorship for countless enterprises.

Our path is carved with achievements, setting new standards and sculpting success stories along the way. 

Expert Business Setup Services in Dubai

As an authorised agent for company formation in Dubai, Shuraa Business Setup is ready to provide unparalleled business setup services in the UAE. Our extensive range of solutions is meticulously designed to elevate quality and amplify client service, offering a comprehensive suite of offerings. From company registration and essential documentation to translation services, sponsorship support, business licensing, furnished office spaces, and PRO services – we cover it all. With Shuraa Business Setup, your Dubai venture gains the expertise and unwavering support it deserves, ensuring timely solutions every single time. 

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What's the global buzz about Shuraa?

Shuraa Business Setup has gained global recognition through its extensive coverage in numerous international media platforms. In 2017, we proudly received the prestigious honour of being named Dubai’s top Business Setup Consultancy. Our expertise has successfully catalysed diverse business models, garnering acclaim from prominent industry names and earning us esteemed recognition at various International Business Summits. 

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