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what is the cost of opening a cafeteria in dubai

Cost of opening a restaurant / cafeteria in Dubai

Opening a cafeteria in Dubai, UAE is a great business opportunity considering it is home to professionals from all over the world. While a majority of them crave for food from their respective countries, many are eager to try new cuisine. Also, the fast-paced city leaves many with no time to cook.

Dubai is in the heart of one of the fastest-growing middle eastern economies attracting international investors. The food sector, especially restaurants and cafes, has witnessed significant growth in recent years. Therefore, starting a food business is not an easy task, especially when there is tough competition.

If you are planning to start a cafeteria business in Dubai, you need to obtain a relevant trade license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). However, it is also crucial to get certain food and safety permits from the Dubai Municipality to legally start a cafeteria in Dubai.

Requirements for opening a cafeteria in Dubai

Food safety requirements

To ensure food safety, your cafeteria must obtain:

Location requirements

The space chosen to start a cafeteria should meet the following requirements:

Documents required to obtain a cafeteria license in Dubai

Blueprints of various aspects of the cafeteria such as:

For food safety department-approved food license:

For trade license approval from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing:

Process of getting a cafeteria license in Dubai

What is the cost of opening a cafeteria in Dubai?

Starting a cafeteria business in Dubai involves planning, development, and government procedures. This means you must set aside a budget for your company formation. It is important to know that estimating the cost of your business setup depends on various factors.

Opening a cafeteria in Dubai needs investment in terms of time and money. The expenses involved in starting a cafeteria in Dubai may vary depending on the location, commercial space, number of employees, and other factors. Apart from planning the business and creating menus and price points, it is also essential to factor in the fess of governmental approvals and procedures.

There are several factors that add to the cost of opening a cafeteria in Dubai. Given below is a breakdown of the various fees you can expect to incur:

Additional costs:

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In addition to the costs mentioned above, you will also have to invest in suitable interiors, a kitchen, equipment, inventory, etc. For more information or to start your restaurant / cafeteria business in Dubai with Shuraa Business Setup’s exclusive packages, speak with our experts today! Call +97144081900 or WhatsApp us +971507775554 to book your FREE consultation. You can also drop us an email at

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