100% Ownership for Foreign Investors in the UAE

Companies in the UAE have relished the benefits of a booming economy, advanced infrastructure, hassle-free resource management, and the list goes on. The government is also motivating expatriates to invest here by offering 100% ownership for foreign investors in UAE. In addition, the response from overseas investors has been truly encouraging.

The Limited Liability Company ownership (or LLC ownership) laws for expatriates empowers them to have 100% business ownership if their venture's structure and operational activities fall in the right category. The LLCs established prior to this amendment can also request the same during their upcoming or next renewal.




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Here's how you can set up your dream venture and also enjoy 100 percent foreign ownership in the UAE:


You need to finalize the name of your venture and send it for approval. Once done, you can get going with the further steps. Furthermore, It's vital to note that the trade name you choose should be free of any derogatory or offensive terms.

Moreover, it shouldn't be provocative or demeaning towards any caste or religion. You need to use the full name of a person in case you want that to be the legal name of your enterprise.


The DED maintains a list of permissible operational activities applicable to the Dubai mainland. Thus, if you want to make the best use of the local marketplace, you need all the allowances to bolster your venture's working flexibility.

Choose from the list of activities and get in touch with the concerned departments to get any external approvals. Furthermore, remember that you'll enjoy 100% business ownership only when your activities meet the expected criteria. If not, you're free to launch a traditional limited liability company by connecting with a local agent.


Paperwork and documentation are paramount to running a risk-free and fully secure business in the Emirates. In addition, the government also takes documentation very seriously. For the same reason, the crime rates and fraud episodes are very sparse in the region.

You need to prepare the MoA, get it attested, obtain the initial approval, etc., as part of the business registration process in the UAE.


Renting an office space is the preferred choice since it's cost-friendly and easily manageable. Investing in real estate in Dubai can be an uphill assignment for SMBs and new businesses as they don't have enough funds during the initial stages.

Hence, you should rent office space in the UAE and connect with Shuraa's business experts to get value-for-money spaces.


If your business model needs a professional license, you'll enjoy 100% business ownership in the UAE. Representative offices of foreign companies and several other businesses can also get these advantages with their license.

You'll need to approach the DED and file in your application for the trading license. Moreover, you'll get it once all the formalities are finished from their end.


Once you have the trading license, you can submit your visa request. In addition, you can also secure an investor visa if your application matches the set criteria. Finally, you need to open a corporate bank account for your enterprise to manage the transactions.

Therefore, choose a reliable bank that's ideal for long-term associations. That;s it. You have finished all the obligatory steps to set up your company with 100 percent foreign ownership in UAE.


You must comprehend the various benefits you and your venture can enjoy under the 100% foreign ownership law. Discussed below are some of the significant benefits:

Freedom in Decision Making

When foreign investors hold full ownership of their company, they can enjoy the freedom to make decisions that best suit their business interests. If not, they would have to consider the aspect of shareholders (local and foreign) before taking any significant step.

The issues associated with cooperation, congruence will no longer bother the foreign investors. Moreover, the same would have a positive impact on the UAE’s economy.

Opportunity to Manage Government Consignments

Companies launched in the mainland can handle profitable government projects with 100% foreign ownership. The government consignments have contributed largely to the growth of the economy and such chances would help firms get more stability and function to their full potential.

Diversification in Business

The mainland enterprises are allowed to manage a wider range of activities. If you want to diversify your offerings on the mainland, all you need is to re-register your new activity with the Department of Economic Development (DED) and you can trade freely.

Therefore, the availability of 100% ownership for foreign investors in the UAE would encourage investors to explore Dubai's local marketplace and diversify their venture's model accordingly.

Saves Time and Money

The government of the UAE now enables numerous enterprises to carry out their business activities without any local sponsorship. Therefore, with less formality and paperwork, you can start operations as soon as your company is registered.

The 100% foreign ownership amendment allows a business to save sizable money that might originally have been spent on other formalities. Now, they can use this money and time for some other productive business purpose.


Allowing 100 percent foreign ownership in the UAE provides a favorable environment for businesses. It also makes the economy bolster at a rapid pace as the investment increases exponentially owing to the lenient LLC laws. As more companies continue to register, the entire working ecosystem is bound to become healthy. Furthermore, competition in the market will allow enterprises to carry out operational activities with full potential.

Future prospects and opportunities have also gotten richer as the entrepreneurs are ready to invest money in Dubai's market. Overall, the amendment in foreign ownership law has created a lucrative business mechanism that has attracted and would continue to attract expatriate investors, business ventures, and startups from around the globe.


Many business aspirants aren't aware of the reforms that govern and regulate the ownership rights in the Emirates. However, their worries end here because we, Shuraa Business Setup, are always there for any support related to consultancy, business management, budgeting, company formation, and much more.

We'll help you enjoy 100 percent foreign ownership in the UAE by offering the right guidance. Moreover, we also become your silent partners in your company.

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