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Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Hassle-free and affordable company setup solutions for new companies in Dubai Mainland

Dubai offers a conducive environment for entrepreneurs and investors to thrive. Business setup in Dubai mainland allows companies to trade within the local markets as well as conduct business internationally. Any company wanting to register in Dubai mainland must do so through the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai.

To save yourself time and money, it is recommended to complete your company formation process through a business setup consultant. Shuraa Business Setup has almost 20 years’ experience setting up businesses in Dubai. We offer complete solutions for your business setup in Dubai mainland. Our experienced business setup consultants in Dubai will provide you with expert guidance and comprehensive support throughout your business setup process.

Shuraa Business Setup’s services in Dubai include end-to-end company registration, UAE trade licences, government approvals, and PRO & visa services. At Shuraa, we understand that the process of setting up business in Dubai could get cumbersome and expensive without the right guidance, expertise, and connections. We make the client’s requirements and business a top priority and provide simple and effective business setup solutions at competitive prices.

Business Locations in Dubai, UAE

Named as one of the most developed destinations in the world, many entrepreneurs seek to establish their businesses in Dubai. Below are some of the prominent regions to set up a business in Dubai.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Company registration on Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road is a prestigious option for many businesses. Boasting an extensive skyline and excellent connectivity, Sheikh Zayed Road showcases the wealth and development of Dubai. It is an iconic pathway that accommodates some of the world’s biggest corporate names and global business leaders.

Business Bay

Business Bay is defined as the central business district and is ideal for any kind of business. This district is perfect for companies belonging to financial sectors, professional consultancies, retail industry, hospitality industry, and many more. Business Bay continues to create multiple business centers catering to the demand for office spaces in Dubai.

Al Qusais

Al Qusais, though located on the outskirts of Dubai, is not far behind in terms of development. Al Qusais is segregated into residential areas and industrial zones. Educational institutes, medical and shopping centres, and other related businesses can be started in this region. Registering your company in Dubai’s Al Qusais district can be a cost-effective option as well.

Al Quoz

Al Quoz is a residential and industrial region catering to large warehouses, garages, and labour accommodations. The region is located on the western side of Dubai, between Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. The benchmark projects initiated by the Dubai government at Al Quoz are expected to further boost the industry sector in the region.


Company registration in Deira is ideal for Dubai startup companies, traders, SMEs, and small shops retaining the old business culture of the Emirates. The busy area is filled with some of Dubai’s oldest shops, and is known as a souk, offering traders business opportunities. Deira is a good choice for businessmen who would like to set up a small shop in Dubai.


Jumeirah is a locality with spectacular residential plots and tourism sectors offering lavish business development modules. Setting up a company in Dubai’s Jumeirah region can be ideal for both large businesses as well as for startups. The region offers freehold properties as well as business centers, making it easy for SMEs to set up businesses.

Frequently asked questions

Key steps you need to follow for your mainland business setup in Dubai:

  1. Choosing business activity
  2. Finalise company structure
  3. Get the trade name approved
  4. Get an initial license approval
  5. Obtain external approvals (if required)
  6. Open your company’s business bank account

Company formation in Dubai Mainland gives the advantage of selecting a prominent location for your business from a wide range of locations. The biggest benefit of setting up a business in Dubai Mainland is that the company is not restricted to any geographical boundaries. Every region can be vividly advantageous depending on the business type. Some of the most preferred locations for company setup in Dubai are:

  • Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Business Bay
  • Deira
  • Al Quoz
  • Jumeirah
  • Al Qusais

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There are various benefits of setting up a business in Dubai Mainland but the ones that stand-out are as follows:

  • The freedom to choose any location for your office in Dubai.
  • Mainland Companies get affordable office space, as they have no geographical limitations.
  • Mainland in UAE are exempted from all kinds of taxes.
  • Access to clients from anywhere in the world.
Mainland company setup in Dubai do not have any direct restriction for visas. For every 9sqm, one visa can be applied, thus the bigger the office space the more number of visas can be applied for under a Mainland Business setup in Dubai.

Dubai Mainland Company formation requires approvals from various government organisations. The business activity determines the requirements, however there are few essentials to establish a Mainland company formation in Dubai irrespective of the business activity. These are: business activity selection and name approval, initial approval certificate for mainland company setup, preparation of court notarization, memorandum of association, office space and tenancy contact, final submission letter and assimilation of documents for mainland company formation in Dubai.

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