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Investor Rights and Protection Contracts

Investor Rights and Protection Contracts

100% operational ownership of your business

The only way to start a business in UAE is to find a local Emirati sponsor. The local sponsor acts as an inactive partner in your business in exchange for an annual fee. While setting up a limited liability company in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE a local national has to become the sponsor. The local UAE sponsor in a mainland business has a significant ownership in your company, On the other hand, a Free Trade Zone requires a local agent.


Finding a sponsor with the right knowledge and connections with the government agencies becomes really important for the businesses.


Shuraa Business Setup provides 100% operational ownership of the company to the investors at all times. We do this by helping you with the legalities of setting up a business in the UAE and creating strong investor rights and protection contracts. The contracts are signed by the investor and Shuraa, and there are two witnesses from each side. We have all the right ingredients to become the most reliable business partners for your business in UAE as we have an international team of experts, local skills and good connections with different government agencies. What’s more is that we even help you with opening a bank account in Dubai and UAE, for bank guarantees as well as help you find the best location for your office in the Emirates.


Our consultants also help with getting official documents notarised in UAE courts. To set up a business in UAE , you are required to get power of attorney, agreement of incorporation, purchase agreement, commercial and translation documents as well as company registration documents attested at the Notary Public Office. Shuraa Business Setup’s power of attorney allows you to change the local sponsor. Our Side and Service agreement categorically states that our consultancy firm only assists the investor in company incorporation in UAE. In this way, availing Shuraa Business Setup services not only eliminates the need for you to find the right and reliable local UAE sponsor, but also provides all services to support your company. We get our investors all necessary approvals from the Department of Economic Development, Ministry of Labour as well as work permits and residence visas.


Our investor protection contracts are valid in all UAE courts and we offer all these services across the Emirates – in Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, Ajman and Fujairah. As a business setup services provider , we forge honest, beneficial relationships with our clients and always provide only practical and legal solutions to ensure our clients’ business soars. So get ready to start a business in one of the world’s best investment destinations and leave the rest to us!


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