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How to Set Up a Business in Dubai and the UAE

How to set up a business in Dubai?

Step by step process to start a business in Dubai, UAE

The United Arab Emirates provides amazing opportunities for investors to set up a business in Dubai. Business setup in Dubai offers tax exemptions, good connectivity, talented workforce and solid infrastructure.


With the required paperwork and the necessary approvals from the government, you can start a business in Dubai in just three working days.

At Shuraa Business Setup we help you start your business in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE in no time!

Steps to set up a business in Dubai

  • Identifying local sponsor and deciding the terms

Setting up a mainland LLC in the UAE? You require a local UAE sponsor. Deciding the terms with the UAE local sponsor is a crucial step. The terms include the annual fee charged by the local sponsor, the responsibilities of the local sponsor, etc.


  • Obtaining Memorandum of Association

A Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a contract stating the set of clauses. All the shareholders sign the Memorandum of Association. MOA states the business type, capital of the company, shares issued and related company details.


  • Obtaining preliminary approvals

There are several preliminary approvals that may be required depending on the company type. It is best to have your lawyer or your business setup consultants obtain the preliminary approvals, as they are familiar with the entire process of business setup in Dubai.


  • Trade name registration

A unique company name will make a huge impact and create awareness about your new business set up in Dubai. Register your trade name with the economic development department. The DED reserves the right to reject or change the name if there are existing companies with similar names.


  • Applying for trade license

Find out if your business activity or a set of activities are allowed under the available licenses in the UAE. UAE offers professional licenses, commercial licenses and industrial licenses.  Limited liability companies are perfect for trading and industrial activities. To learn more about licenses in Dubai read here.


  • Lease an office space

To start a business in Dubai, you also need to find a suitable office space and get a tenancy contract. You cannot obtain a license without a valid office address. In terms of offshore companies, the address of the registered agent becomes the company’s official address.


  • Submit documents

Acquire and submit the required documents to the Department of Economic Development and pay the license fee.


  • Contact a business setup consultant

Not sure how to do it? Contact a business setup consultant in Dubai. Without assistance company formation in Dubai can become time-consuming and expensive.

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