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E-commerce license in Dubai, UAE: Costs & Requirement

E-commerce license in Dubai is much sought after. This is because many people in the UAE are shifting from traditional to online shopping due to its convenience. This shift has made entrepreneurs, business owners as well as traders consider setting up an ecommerce business in Dubai. So, all you need is an e-commerce license in Dubai to get started with your business activities.

Investors enjoy complete repatriation of profits, several tax exemptions, hassle-free resource availability, and a lot more in the UAE. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer to launch your digital venture in this region and garner sizable revenue right from the start. You can collaborate with Shuraa’s business setup consultants and we’ll simplify company formation for you by taking care of all the business essentials required in the UAE.

If you are an entrepreneur wondering how to start an ecommerce business in Dubai, here is what you need to do.

Steps to get your e-commerce license in Dubai, UAE

The principles of setting up an online business in Dubai and operating it could be tedious and confusing. Even before you get your products or services aligned to sell on the website, you must know how to get an e-commerce license in Dubai.

Process to get an e-commerce license in Dubai are as follows:

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Cost of e-commerce license in UAE

The cost of e-commerce license in Dubai depends on whether you would like to opt for a trading or a professional activity. Accordingly, the cost of e-commerce license in the UAE will vary.

Nevertheless, the most common costs to start an online business in Dubai consists the following:

The cost of an e-commerce license in Dubai mainland as low as AED 14,500*. Therefore, you should make the most of this lucrative business opportunity and get in touch with the business professionals at Shuraa, who will help you secure an ecommerce license.

Cheapest License in free zone

The cost of the cheapest e-commerce license in Dubai free zone is AED 12,500*. However, you can acquire e-commerce license in Dubai free zones seamlessly and in the most pocket-friendly manner as it is one of the low-cost licenses available in the emirates.

The free zone e-commerce license’s greatest benefit is that it has 100% relief from customs tax. Allowing investors to attain higher profits with minimal investment and achieve broad experience from UAE’s dynamic market.

The Different Types of E-Commerce Licenses in UAE

There are several types of e-commerce licenses in the UAE. Dubai offers mainly three types of e-commerce licenses. You can also opt for these licenses depending on your nationality and business activity.

Here are the three types of ecommerce license in Dubai:

The e-trader license in Dubai is monitored by the Department of Economic Development and can only be obtained by UAE and GCC nationals residing in Dubai. An e-trade license can be obtained only under a single ownership. However, you cannot have a physical office space or open a shop with this license.

Portal license is yet another e-commerce license in Dubai and also non-UAE nationals can acquire it. You can also start an online business in Dubai with a portal license – to link buyers and sellers. A portal license is also ideal for a listing website that includes products, services or reservations. The cost of a portal license is minimal when you are applying for business establishment in the mainland region. Note that the cost of an e-commerce license in Dubai varies based on your business requirements.

Virtual company license in Dubai was launched by the Dubai Economy and allows overseas investors and non-residents of UAE to undertake commercial activities in the region. However, this license is limited to only three sectors – computer programming and related activities, designing activities, and services related to printing and advertising.

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