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Certified Legal Corporate Advisors

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Certified Legal Corporate Advisors

Abdul Muqeeth-Corporate Legal Advisor/Company Restructuring Specialist

Abdul Muqeeth

Legal Corporate Advisor / 

Company Restructuring Specialist

10+ years experience in UAE company formation

Saima Khan

Legal Corporate Advisor / Investment & Holdings Company Specialist

12+ years experience in UAE company formation

Nima Jameel

Legal Corporate Advisor / 

Foreign Branch Opening Specialist

5+ years experience in UAE company formation

Neha Tyagi

Legal Corporate Advisor / 

Free Zone Specialist

5+ years experience in UAE company formation

Sheetal Mankani

Legal Corporate Advisor / 

Industrial & Real Estate Specialist

5+ years experience in UAE company formation

Hassan Sheikh

UAE VAT Expert / TAX Consultant

6+ years experience in UAE taxation & finance

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Certified Legal Corporate Advisors

Conducting business or expanding footprints in the UAE is on the list of entrepreneurs from all across the world for obvious reasons. One of them, is the fact that Dubai is the hub of Middle East’s economic activities given the strategical advantage provided internationally by its geographical connection. The government’s visionary leadership, too, has a major role in ensuring that the environment is friendly for businesses to thrive.

When it comes to setting up your company in the UAE, it is important to note that the seven Emirates have varying jurisdictions, and each has its own set of legal frameworks. Thus, you require proper guidance from a certified legal corporate advisor.

A legal consultant provides non-judicial corporate assistance applicable to all the vital aspects of your business formation and beyond. Unlike lawyers registered with the Ministry of Justice, these professionals are certified by private institutes. While lawyers help people get out of trouble, legal corporate advisors help you stay out of trouble.

With an extensive knowledge on the local jurisdictions, business consultants offer the bespoke solutions to help your business thrive. More importantly, they protect you from landing into any legal complications at the initial stage of your company formation as well as in the future.

The primary task of legal advisors is to analyse and understand your business requirements and assist you choose the best possible jurisdiction to support your company from its initial phase. Other important services include:

Helping you decide what kind of organizational structure best suits your business activities

Fool-proofing all contracts related to your company and partnerships

Overseeing all activities related to tax and license

Assisting with corporate restructuring process

Advising on termination of troublesome employees

Assisting with finding and leasing workspace

Helping creative businesses with filing for patent or trademark of intellectual property

Finding the best business expertise under one roof is no longer a mammoth job. Shuraa Business Setup boasts of a pool of well-connected legal corporate advisors with extensive experience in the UAE. In its 20 years of operations, the veteran business consultancy has helped set up more than 35,000 companies.

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