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How to get a commercial brokerage license in dubai

How to get your commercial brokerage license in Dubai

Are you thinking about opening a Real Estate Brokerage Company in Dubai? United Arab Emirates is a hub for foreign investors thanks to its top-notch infrastructure, technical advancements, company investments, and trading prospects. Dubai is a prime location for real estate investors thanks to its magnificent skylines, best infrastructure, renowned landmarks, and popular events.

Dubai is now becoming one of the world’s best real estate markets and offers a great ROI. The appeal of Dubai properties has grown since the golden visa program was introduced for real estate investors and buyers who would invest over Dh2 million. The 10-year residence visa encourages real estate investments, making Dubai the best location for purchasers.

The UAE’s real estate market has undergone a significant transformation, refocusing on the prospect of long-term capital growth. 

The 2023 legislation makes it easier for more foreign investors to buy real estate in the emirate. The government has streamlined the overall process by luring foreign investors into the property market and providing online services for property ownership, registration, licensing etc.

Obtaining a Dubai Real Estate Brokerage License

In Dubai, the Department of Economic Development (DED) offers a real estate license. Companies that mediate between the buyer and the seller to complete real estate sales and transactions are required to have a real estate brokerage license.

Real estate broker’s responsibilities also include selling and promoting properties using contracts and agreements that have been approved by the RERA. For more details about the commercial brokerage license, speak with our business setup consultants.

Why is Dubai regarded as the Best Real Estate Location?

Dubai’s real estate industry has been steadily growing for many years and is now one of the most appealing property markets in the world. Reasons for setting up your Real Estate Brokerage Business in UAE are as follows-

1. Simple Business Setup Process

Dubai and the rest of the UAE are renowned for their effective and efficient business infrastructure. Making a real estate company is no different. The process for Company Setup in Dubai is hassle-free with Shuraa.

2. Low Taxation Scheme

Due to the absence of corporate and income taxes, Dubai is regarded as a haven by other nations.

3. Supportive Leadership

Numerous policies and regulations supporting real estate brokerages, and authorities charged with defending the rights of agents and brokers. Dubai offers a proactive environment that maximises the potential of the emirate’s established and developing sectors.

4. Substantial clientele

Due to Dubai’s friendly residents, many travellers and investors have chosen to stay in the emirate. Real estate benefits from a big clientele and constant demand.

Benefits of having Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai

Benefits of getting a Commercial Broker License are as follows- 

Documents Required to get Commercial Broker License

Documents required by DED

Documents required by RERA

How can You Expand your Commercial Brokerage Company?

Adapting to changing conditions is frequently necessary for business success. However, in today’s competitive and dynamic economic climate, growth and expansion are crucial to a company’s sustained success. The optimal option will depend on your type of business, resources, schedules, and funding. There are numerous ways to start your UAE company.

You can consider the following three:

1. Establish Strategic Partnership

To expand quickly, it may be advantageous to partner with other businesses that offer related goods or services. Collaborations between companies are a terrific approach to reach unexplored markets. Additionally, a strategic alliance might give you rapid access to new customers.

2. Identify and target new markets

Even though your current niche market is flourishing, you could think about looking into more opportunities. By taking advantage of your established brand recognition, you can enter new markets. To find clients for your service, start conducting research in various areas.

3. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

A merger might enable your business to gain market share. Start by determining which companies are like yours. Analyse your potential gains from a merger or acquisition.

Steps for getting Commercial Broker License in Dubai

Cost of New Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai

Several variables affect the cost of obtaining a commercial brokerage license. They consist of the price of your office’s site, employees, and insurance charges, as well as license and visa fees. A license for commercial broking is available from as low as 12,500 AED*.

Contact Shuraa for a detailed price quote.  We can provide you with a current quote that is based on your specific needs.


As one of the cities with the fastest growth rates in the world there is a high demand for real estate. Real estate in both the commercial and residential sectors is included. Professional realtors are in high demand in the UAE, because of its offer of investor visas. 

We are a group of professionals providing business setup services in Dubai, UAE with the guidance of our expert team of consultants.

With the assistance of business setup consultants at Shuraa, you can obtain your commercial real estate brokers license and expert assistance for your business setup in Dubai. Contact our business setup consultants for a free consultation at +971 44081900, WhatsApp us on +971 507775554 or email us at

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