CEO & CO Founder Message

CEO & CO Founder Message

We at Shuraa have established and continue to enjoy a positive reputation on both a local and international scale. Our dedicated services and standing, influences many aspects of the company and client satisfaction, which is our primary objective. We have a strong track record of business management services and, with our expertise and experience we have registered over 20,000 companies in UAE. With our assistance and professional service, we help our clients save their time, effort and money.

Shuraa has over 15 years of experience as the leading business setup service provider in Dubai and the UAE. We believe that delivering outstanding client service is paramount and our entire business is organized to achieve this. Our people are highly motivated by a business culture that recognizes the skills of every individual – an environment where people are respected and supported. We work closely with our clients to develop a thorough understanding of their business in order to develop a relationship that is mutually rewarding and fulfilling.

We focus on providing all types of solutions to start a business; from the initial enquiry and consultations with us right through to the final choice, we are confident of being able to identify the client’s needs and deliver the requirements in the simplest, quickest and most effective ways.


Yasmeen Siddiqui
CEO &Co Founder
Shuraa Group