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What are the requirements of obtaining a trade license in Dubai?

The legal authorities and the judicial bodies have formulated a list of requirements that need to be adhered to obtaining a trade license in Dubai. The list is as follows:
a. Determine the category/categories of business – commercial, industrial and/or professional
b. Determine the type of business activity/activities that will be practiced
c. Determine all the related business activities that can be included within each business license – maximum ten activities depending on the type of license
d. Determine the legal undertakings and the number & nationalities of the business owners
e. Determine the requirements and conditions under a required license
f. Determine the business’ trade name
g. Submit the application to the Department for an initial approval
h. Register a trade name after obtaining an initial approval
i. Rent / Lease a business premises
j. Prepare all required documents – memorandum of association, certification from the authorities, approvals of other relevant authorities, governmental permissions as essential conditional to your business type
k. Submit final application with the fees to the Department
For more information, please click here – UAE trade license

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