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Business Setup in Dubai International City

Business Setup in Dubai International City

Dubai International City (DIC) is a healthy mixture of commercial enterprises and residential outlets

Dubai International City (DIC) is a cluster of mix-developmental commercial enterprises as well as a residential outlet. DIC occupies populaces from divergent nationalities and culture. The layout at Dubai International City is spread across 8 million square meters of land. DIC offers a unique living experience for the residents as the architecture of the city is themed according to the various countries in the world. This has given an immense scope for tourism and retail opportunities in the region, including a wide variety of business activities. Also, the leisure and hospitality industry are benefiting through this inimitable pattern. Hence, DIC is best for free zone business setups in Dubai for such companies.

Business setup in Dubai International City is managed by Trakhees – an authoritative and licensing body in the region. However, if you are willing to know more about company formation in Dubai International City contact Shuraa Business Setup.

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