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Business Setup in Al Quoz Dubai

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Business Setup in Al Quoz Dubai

Business Setup in Al Quoz Dubai

Al Quoz / Al Goze, is one of the most protruding industrial and manufacturing hubs of the city. The Al Quoz area is divided into four zones segregating various factories, warehouses, storage areas, business units as well as residential space it comprises of – this makes business setup in Al Quoz operative which in turns delivers better regularity. Company formation in Al Quoz can be planned considering the four modules, the vast Al Quoz area has to offer. Al Quoz areas 1 and 2 furnishes the small and medium enterprises SME’s including residential plots with large traditional villas and houses, mainly occupied by the Emiratis. These zones also have educational institutes, medical centers, business complexes, shopping hubs, malls, retail stores, theaters, commercial outlets, restaurant chains and more.

Distinct to its counterparts, Al Quoz areas 3 and 4 consists some of the oldest manufacturing companies in the region and broadly caters to the industrial sectors and factories. The area also plays a major role in storage functions, as it provides massive advantageous in warehouse settings and transportation convenience. The region is also in the closest proximity to the Jebel Ali Port and the Dubai International Airport, which has also created a market for multiple trading sectors in the region. Unlike, the large space equally giving a boost to the recreational activities in the region as well as adding into the number of art and exhibition centers. Al Quoz is located close to the central parts of Dubai creating easy accessibility to major roads and touchpoints. The Dubai Government is also creating new roadways and entrances to make the area more expedient.

So if you are planning on company registration in Dubai or considering to start business in Dubai, that involves heavy machinery or immense storage capacity, then Al Quoz is the place to be. For further details, contact Shuraa Business Setup, a leading business setup consulting company in Dubai providing you solutions with regards to business business formation in Dubai.