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Business Setup in Al Karama, Dubai

Business Setup in Al Karama, Dubai

Al Karama, situated in the middle of the Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, is one of the most populated areas in Dubai

Al Karama or Karama – located in the old Dubai region is a bustling area. Al Karama is situated in the middle of the Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street and is one of the most populace area compared to other residential areas in Dubai.

However, this jurisdiction has much more than what meets the eye! Al Karama and the neighbourhood parts have been a tourist attraction with several bargain shopping options. The area is also known for its gigantic list of restaurants famous for South and Other Asian delicacies, making business setup in Karama an exceptional option if you intend to cater any of these segments.

Apart from this Al Karama also provides a suitable choice for Small and Medium Enterprise SME’s as the area offers comparatively cheap office for rent in Dubai. Company formation in Karama provides SME’s the feasibility of better connectivity, dense market area and an opportunity of channelizing the business in a location like Al Karama – the SME’s comprises of electronics, hardware, mobile stores, merchandize to add a few.

The indistinctly populated area has more, Karama has for years attracted expats and locals for the widespread accessibility of the area that makes it a residential bliss. Be it schools, colleges, play grounds, clubs, shopping complexes, retail and grocery stores, saloons, restaurants, hotels, malls and movie theaters – the area offers everything, which makes it open for the real estate market. This old district is a major player when talked about the Dubai rental space because of its reasonability, pulsating community and dominant location. Karama accommodates vibrant communities – those are a mix of Emiratis and expats from various regions of the world. This multicultural population, bus and metro connectivity, has been a boom for real estate in the area. Therefore, if you are planning on a Dubai mainland business setup – Karama is the superlative choice that you can make with the assistance of Shuraa Business Setup, a leading business consultancy and company formation service provides in the UAE.

Shuraa Business Setup can guide you through LLC company formation in Dubai, comprehend you with company licensing and company registration in Dubai, or any other business setup services. Get associated with us, as we can also provide you with state-of-the-art facilities for an office setup at our Dubai Business Centre, located at Hamsah Building on the Zabeel Road at Karama, Contact us today!

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