The what, why, & how of digital marketing companies in Dubai

The internet population in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region comprises 183 million users. Without a doubt, the traditional ways of marketing products, services, and brands – printing advertisements in newspapers, magazine or putting up posters and hoarding boards – are fading away. Today, most companies chose to promote themselves via electronic platforms such as search engines, websites, social media, mobile apps, and emails. Therefore, creating the need for digital marketing companies in Dubai.

What is the scope for digital marketeers?

Digital marketing agencies in Dubai help brands standout in today’s competitive market. Recently, the pandemic forced economies across the world to embark on their digitalisation journey for survival. Simultaneously, the UAE also felt the accelerated shift from traditional ways of advertising to newer ones, giving a major boost to providers of digital solutions.

According to researchers, 75% of MENA’s advertisement spend is on digital and social platforms. These includes Facebook Advertising Network (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) and Google (YouTube videos). Be it cozy coffee shops or large corporates, businesses have accepted the importance to utilising the digital space to market themselves. Although, only a handful have the expertise of how to do so. Moreover, the competition on the digital sphere is quite high and so is the demand for expertise.

Why get into this business?

To understand the benefits of digital advertising, one needs to first understand what it constitutes. Some of the services provided by digital marketing companies in Dubai include:

  • Developing websites and mobile applications
  • Optimising web search engine (SEO)
  • Managing social media
  • Advertising on digital platforms
  • Generating leads for sales

At a glance, these might appear doable at an individual level too. However, they require various inputs such as ­– extensive research, quality content, appealing creatives and accurate, sometimes even experimental, activations.

Nevertheless, as one of the most competitive industries with potential growth, setting up a digital marketing agency in the UAE is profitable. Some of the benefits include work flexibility and freedom. You, however, need to be up-to-date with evolving internet trends.

How to setup a digital marketing agency in the UAE?

To get started with your digital marketing agency in the UAE, you first need “equipment”. These are – computers or laptops, an excellent internet connection and great research skills. However, to legalise your business and start offering services, you must set up a company in Dubai.

Step-by-step process of digital marketing company registration in Dubai

Choose a trade name

– Keep at least three options ready

Understand which jurisdiction is best for your business

– Based on your budget, think about your office’s accessibility to clients as well as staffers

– You can set up shop either on mainland or one of the free zones in Dubai

Finalise your company structure

– You can have 100% ownership with sole establishment

Prepare required documents

– The application will require you to submit passport copies of all partners, NoCs and approvals from relevant authorities etc.

Get your trade license

– Digital marketing companies in Dubai need to obtain a professional trade license from the Department of Economic Development (DED)

Cost of setting up digital marketing companies in Dubai

The services you avail for your digital marketing company formation in Dubai will be subject to governmental charges. Some of the services include:

  • Trade license
  • Name approval
  • Initial approval
  • LSA notary fee
  • Stamp of the company
  • Tasheel fee
  • Corporate service fee
  • Documentation
  • Business setup consultation

These formalities can be seamless done through reliable company formation experts at Shuraa Business Setup. Our corporate services help digital marketing agencies in Dubai start their companies for AED 18,500 only.

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