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How to set up an IT company in Dubai?

The surge of the IT (Information Technology) industry in the global market has left an everlasting impression in 2020. Even amidst the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT industry stayed strong and was among the first units to adapt to the “new normal.” Therefore, if you also want to establish your IT company in Dubai, you have chosen the right time and the correct place.

The UAE has specialized free zones that offer advanced infrastructure and a modern working ecosystem for setting up an IT company in Dubai. A software company in Emirates can handle various business activities. You can form a tech company that involves app development or offering SaaS (software as a service) services. Your domain can also include biotechnology, technology for finance, etc.

Where to open an IT business in Dubai?

A critical decision that you have to make for setting up an IT company in Dubai is the business location. You can go for Dubai mainland if you want to indulge in trading across Dubai and the UAE. You get all the legal permissions for your business directly from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Therefore, it’s easier to incline your business towards an international outlook and expand your presence within the UAE as well. A mainland LLC formation also requires you to partner with a local sponsor who’ll have 51% of the company’s ownership shares.

A free zone setup is a cost-effective solution for company formation in Dubai. Each free zone has an independent legal framework, so you’ll need to choose the one that fits your business requirements. The expatriate can enjoy 100% business ownership when the business establishment is in a Dubai free zone. Fortunately, the UAE has several IT-oriented free zones that make your selection easier.

Suitable jurisdictions for software company:

You can consult with Shuraa Business Setup and enjoy a comfortable business establishment in Dubai. You get assistance with location, licensing, documentation, etc., when you collaborate with Shuraa.

How to open an IT company in Dubai?

Opening an IT company in Dubai is straightforward, and when you follow all the legalities and submit the right documents, you can start your business in quick time. Here are the key steps to setting up your software company in the UAE:

Your company needs to comply with all the requirements regarding legal trade names established by the government. It should not be offensive, provocative, or insulting to anyone in any sense. If you wish to use a person’s name for your IT company, ensure that you use the full name and not an abbreviation or nicknames.

2. Finalize the business location

It’s imperative to have an in-depth understanding of the various business locations in the UAE. Choosing the right place that matches your business activities can help you save a lot of money and facilitate easier business functioning. Decide if you want a mainland establishment or a set up in one of the free zones.

3. Complete the required paperwork for your software company

A company formation in Dubai involves many legal obligations and document submissions. A business advisor can help ease out the process and ensure that all documents are approved in one go. The paperwork includes trade name reservation, acquisition of the legal trading license, etc.

4. Visa application

Apply for your visa and the visas of other partners and staff members (if the jurisdiction permits). You’ll get the official visa stamping after the verification of entry permit, medical fitness test, etc. You’re now ready to run your IT company in Dubai with complete authorization. Don’t miss out on opening a corporate bank account for your business to maintain finances.

Why form an IT company in Dubai?

Documents required for IT company formation

You need to submit the certain documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the concerned jurisdiction to establish an IT company in UAE.

Check out the list below to prepare for your software company:

You have the right to register IT corporations as a fully-owned professional company and a sole proprietor under the governance of the UAE’s government.

Shuraa – Your Business Companion

You have made the right choice of setting up an IT company in Dubai. The industry has picked up pace in the past years and is now about to reach its prime. All you need to do now is make another great choice for a convenient business setup in the UAE. At Shuraa, we help businesses establish in Dubai with our expert guidance and provide business assistance after successful setup. We’re here for your help and would love to take the responsibility of forming your IT company in Dubai while keeping you at sheer comfort.

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