Find out seven reasons to start your business in Dubai

Seven reasons to set up a business in Dubai this 2022

If you have been planning to set up a business in Dubai for a while now, then 2022 is definitely your year! The year 2022 is the correct time to establish your business for several reasons. However, we have listed the top 10 reasons why it is the time to go ahead and live your entrepreneurial dream.

A commercial capital

Dubai is considered as the commercial capital of United Arab Emirates and has a favourable economy for business investment. Dubai is the main business hub amongst Arab countries and draws huge investments each year driving the overall economy of the country.

Growth in the non-oil economy

As per a recent report published by the Emirates NBD in a news daily, the total non-oil sector output rose for the 34th successive month of December 2018. Sectors such as construction, retail, trading as well as travel and tourism registered progress over the course of the months.

Plans to increase Foreign Investment

The Dubai FDI they will continue to furthermore increase the foreign investments in 2022.  Reportedly Dubai FDI makes every effort to promote investment opportunities and to strengthen its existing ties with the leading global cities. This attracted foreign investment projects worth AED17.76 billion to the emirate in the first half of 2018 and plans the same in 2022. It would be best for entrepreneurs to take benefit of such opportunities.

Plans for the year 2023

Setting up a business in Dubai right now could be a great idea ahead of the profitable and business-friendly plans made for the year 2023 by the Dubai Government. In order to be a part of the expansion plans for the coming year 2023, it would be best to start a business and familiarise with the UAE market right now itself!

The boost in Real Estate

 Real Estate is a sector wherein investors are seeking to make a huge investment in the year 2022 as well as in the coming year 2023. A news report stated that the recently the Dubai Land Department (DLD) received a delegation from the US. The delegation had 150 real estate agents and 11 investors from government and private institutes seeking investment opportunities in Dubai.

Prospects of Expansion and Diversification

Expansions and diversifications are the keys ahead, towards and beyond the goals of 2023. To make use of the prospects of expansion and diversification starting early could be a great idea. Hence, set up business in Dubai this 2022 so that you can make the most out of it.

Reduced Restrictions and Easy Administration

This 2022, opting for a mainland jurisdiction would significantly offer more scope to business setups. Setting up a business in Dubai mainland states that the administrative process is easier, faster, and less restrictive.

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