Ideas to launch a low cost business in the UAE

Ideas to launch a low cost business setup in the UAE

UAE business setup needs determination and ambition, but that not all! Starting a business in the UAE also accounts for heavy investments and business setup costs. To start a UAE business – an initial investment & a specific business setup cost are the preliminary expenses.

Each year, there is an increase in the number of investors & entrepreneurs willing to make foreign investments or start a company in the UAE. The global investment report states that UAE is listed as the ninth largest FDI recipient in Asia.

So, what makes UAE so investor-friendly? And how exactly to start a low-cost business setup in the UAE?

Here are some ideas to start a low-cost business in the UAE:

All-inclusive Business Setup Packages

Setting up a business in the UAE is a stage-by-stage procedure and involves various factors. They include licensing, registration, office space, governmental charges, local sponsor or agent, etc. All these factors are an added expenditure at every stage. Thus, business setup packages are a great option that gives a discounted rate for starting a business in Dubai or any other emirates. Its a great idea to use business setup packages to start a low cost business in UAE as they  provide exceptional value for money with functionality at a cheaper price. Low cost business setup in the UAE can be done by using these all-inclusive packages.

Affordable Regions

Start a business in the UAE in one of the affordable regions in the country. A low-cost business setup in Dubai or any other Emirates depends on the region or jurisdiction. UAE company formation mainly divided into three jurisdictions – Mainland, Offshores, and Free zone business setups. A business setup in Dubai Mainland involves the Department of Economic Development (DED) and is offered at AED 25,999 all inclusive. To find out more about this offer click here

Renting office space

Mainland business setup mandates office space, while free zone or offshore have optioned such as flexi desks and office per hour. But, with Shuraa’s exclusive business setup package – we are offering reasonable rented offices in Dubai. Nevertheless, there are several methods through which renting possibilities can be cheaper and affordable. This in a way can lower your overall business setup cost. Ask a business setup consultant from Shuraa!

Appointing a Business Setup Consultant

Appointing a business setup consultant can be tremendously valuable. Business Setup Consultant leads you through the profitable ways to set up a business in the UAE. Business setup consultants also help you avoid unwanted costs and are well-informed about the fluctuating laws of the UAE. They can also offer you cost-efficient ways to register a company in Dubai.

To find out more ways on how to convert your business idea into a low-cost business setup in the UAE contact Shuraa Business Setup. Shuraa offers all-inclusive professional business setup for AED 25,999* & limited liability company for AED 29,999* in Dubai Mainland. The offer includes a visa, licensing, registration, governmental charges, office space (flexi desk), sponsor, etc. We also provide you installment schemes on starting a UAE business. While you focus on converting your business ideas in the UAE into a profitable venture, we will take care of the procedures for your business setup.

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