Tax advantages of business in Dubai

Is business setup in UAE still tax advantageous?

The United Arab Emirates is among the best countries in the world to start a company as it is tax advantageous. UAE is segregated into a jurisdiction that enforces provincial principals, characterizes laws, provides jurisdictional benefits and levies taxes accordingly. Furthermore, the governmental reassurances, high-tech advancements and efficient infrastructure, just makes business setup in UAE an even more welcoming opportunity.

Entrepreneurs from across the globe still consider UAE as a tax advantageous country. This mainly due to the below-listed reasons:

  • There are several free zones in the country that provide the tax-free status for companies.
  • There is a limited tax applied to businesses compared to other countries.
  • Tax applied to businesses or companies can be retrieved through the chain of supply
  • UAE still does implement the tax on private revenue. This basically means the UAE does not have any federal income tax.
  • There are still several UAE business setup opportunities that provide zero-rated items of VAT. For example – exporting of goods and services to outside the GCC, international transport, sea, air and land means of transportation, investment on precious metals, new residential properties, education, and healthcare services, etc.
  • UAE also ensured that sectors such as residential properties, bare land and local passenger transport are maintained as tax exempted sectors.

These features ensure UAE remains on the high competitiveness on an international scale amongst multiple tax authorities.

Let’s note the specific features defining why is Business Setup in UAE is tax advantageous:

Invite Investor

UAE invites investors and ensures that considerable diversified regions in the UAE continue to offer various investment opportunities. This helps UAE maintain its economic benefits. Undoubtedly, the financial structure, innovation in industrialization and the globalized approach of UAE are among the other advantages of business setup for investors.

Economic Liabilities

For investors and foreign collaboration – the economic barriers and liabilities are extremely less compared to other nations. UAE business setup still remains a tax advantageous country. This increases the competency of the businesses established in the UAE.

Niche Market Trends

UAE also provides a niche market for several commercial as well as industrial businesses – such as trading. Extensive policies imposed by the government including the tax advantages in UAE allow several entrepreneurs, capitalists and financial entities to create a distinct place for themselves.

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