Five benefits of offshore company formation in RAK

Ras-Al-Khaimah offshore is the best and the most desirable destination for an offshore company formation in UAE. Investors wanting to establish tax-free businesses and keep confidential investments seek offshore company formation in Ras-Al-Khaimah (RAK). At the RAK offshore business could be setup within a short span of time and the jurisdiction is ideal for discretionary investments. Moreover, RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA) has formed financial possibilities and tax advantages that are a great boon to a foreign investor.

But that’s not it, offshore company formation in Ras-Al-Khaimah offers several perks and benefits that can be advantageous for businessmen or entrepreneurs.

Here are the top five benefits of RAK offshore company formation:

1. Discretionary Investments

The major benefit of an offshore company registration in RAK is that you are not bound to several rules and restrictions compared to any other jurisdiction or region in UAE. RAK Offshore is an independent overseas territory for international investors, with its own set of guidelines and authority named RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA).

2. Business Confidentiality

Doing business in RAK offshore provides complete confidentiality and anonymity for the owner of the business. Confidentiality is yet another important benefit of operating in an offshore company in RAK. Investors, entrepreneurs and businessmen from all around the world strive for a company formation in RAK offshore mainly for this reason.

3. Taxation and Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement

Even as UAE is planning to introduce some of the taxes in the country, the RAK offshore still remains a 100% tax-free region. Tax-free atmosphere provide transparency for businessmen to engage in the business activity and gain complete returns. Furthermore, to benefit the foreign investors a tax treaty was signed among the countries named Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement, that allows international businessmen to avoid paying tax in the two countries, they transit with.

4. Asset Protection

An offshore company in RAK offers complete asset protection with a strong and reliable platform for the investors in comparison to the domestic business structures.  RAK’s offshore asset protection allows foreign trustees to create a legal wall between the creditors and the assets secured within you offshore company.

5. Lawsuit Protection

Lawsuit Protection in a RAK offshore company formation saves your possessions in case of legal allegations or judgments. RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA) assures that your company is incorporated ethically and a thorough check done before setting up a business in RAK. However, in case of a legal pursuit, the possessions under the company could be protected by the authority.

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