Business Licenses available in Jebel Ali Free zone

Seven Licenses of Jebel Ali Freezone

In the year 2016, Jebel Ali Freezone established the position as the major trading and logistics hub, after it recorded a growth of Dh294.5 billion, which made the non-oil foreign trade upsurge by 17 percent in the region. Company Formation in Jebel Ali Freezone provides an opportunity to strengthen the value and capacity of trade that can be performed in this Dubai Freezone jurisdiction. However, only trade is not the reason that makes entrepreneurs and businessmen crave for a company formation in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Jebel Ali Freezone is a jurisdiction that serves towards the national economy because of the vivid facilities and freezone company formation potentials provided by JAFZA. With the competence to acclimate global transactions, adapt various business conditions, create investment opportunities and open new markets for a range of business entities, the Jebel Ali Freezone can serve as an all-purpose Freezone in Dubai.

Encouraged to comprehend the ways of JAFZA company formation? Then there is a list of requirements related to shareholders, share capital, company name, the number of directors, secretary, office space, various fees and cost of freezone business setup in JAFZA, etc. – that you need to adhere. Nevertheless, the most important of all is the various licenses that you can opt for with forming a company in JAFZA.

Here are the seven licenses that you can choose from depending on your business activity company formation in Jebel Ali Free Zone:

Trading License

Empowering the trading sector the Jebel Ali Freezone does provide a lot of possibilities for the trading sector, however, to conduct any activities in JAFZA you do need a trading license from the concerned free zone authority.

Industrial License

Manufacturing activities and industrial companies are directed to have an industrial license. For the production of goods specific requirements are listed that are in general enforced by the Industrial License.

Service License

Any professional level activities or service-oriented businesses in JAFZA need to have a service license, to start a business in the region.

E-Commerce License

Understanding the need to the hour, JAFZA also provides e-commerce license for online business entities and business held through electronic networks via any electronic means.

National Industrial License

A company that at least has a 51% of the UAE ownership is allowed to obtain the National Industrial License. This helps to articulate the range of manufacturing and local manufacturers regulating within UAE.

Innovation License

Lately, Dubai has been stressing on an innovative-based module that offers sustainability of business entities. Focusing on the same concept, JAFZA offers innovation License to take up activities related to new and inventive products and services

Offshore Registration

An offshore company in JAFZA can be only established with the help or collaboration of a limited liability company that already exists in the region. Although you may not need a license, you will need a certificate of incorporation for offshore company formation in JAFZA.

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