Gear up for District 2020 after Dubai Expo 2020

Posted on 25 September 2017 Author: Published in: Company Formation Published by: Shuraa Business Setup

While the world has been anticipating the Dubai Expo 2020, the Authorities have already sorted a new innovation based module for the Expo venue. Abiding to the futuristic perspective, the Dubai Authorities have planned to construct a mixed-use, multi-purpose area that will accommodate commercial structures and residential plazas, and will serve several more businesses in Dubai as well as open avenues for residency, educational institutions, convention centers, world-class entertainment and profit-centered enterprises – naming the venue DISTRICT 2020.

Reportedly, it has been noted that the Dubai Expo venue soon will transformed to District 2020, after the bulbous event that is scheduled to last for six months – wherein 135,000 square meters will be used for commercial space; 65,000 square meters will be used for of residential space and 44,000 square meters will be used as a recreational space, after redevelopment has been taken place. This means that over 80% of the Dubai Expo 2020 site will be retained to its glory. Furthermore, with thematic pavilions and a city modeled with sustainability and mobility, District 2020 is sure going to be the next big thing in the town after Dubai Expo 2020. Moreover, District 2020 is a commercial strategy that plans to capitalize on long-term players, after the 6-month long Dubai Expo 2020.

Here are some of the amazing key features of District 2020, that you may like to know:

  1. District 2020 will serve as a major destination for small and medium business setup and multinational company formation in Dubai.
  2. The region is also set to support the UAE economy during the Dubai Expo 2020 as well as continued to do so even after District 2020 is formed.
  3. District 2020 will have several iconic Expo 2020 structures, such as a Falcon Shaped Pavilion, the Al Wasl Plaza, a Sustainability Pavilion, a Museum and a Science Center.
  4. After the Dubai Expo 2020, District 2020 will continue to carry the legacy of the event and act as a tribute to the event held for years together.
  5. District 2020 is scheduled to establish a global logistics headquarter in the given jurisdiction to further pump trade and the global market, as it will be situated only few kilometers from the Al Maktoum International Airport.
  6. Though the Expo 2020 will be end after a span of 6-months, commercial developments and attracting investments will continue in given region due District 2020.
  7. The infrastructural prices are also a factor of increase due to the latest development of District 2020, that is going to be developed by Nakheel.

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