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What is Dubai Mainland?

Dubai Mainland is ideal for starting your business as it is well connected, and it covers most of Dubai’s prominent commercial hubs.

Business setup in Dubai mainland

It is best advised that entrepreneurs first analyse and determine a location that is most suitable for them based on their business activity and goals. They can choose between a free-zone, offshore, and a mainland business setup in Dubai. However, most commercial entities choose Dubai Mainland to start their company.

This is mostly because business setup in Dubai Mainland offers easier access to consumers, excellent infrastructure & connectivity, and flexibility. Dubai mainland also provides businesses comprehensive measures to operate their company more efficiently, compared to other jurisdictions.

All the private businesses in Dubai Mainland are subjected to conduct commercial activities in accordance with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED).

Why setup a business in Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai issued 38,377 Dubai mainland licenses in the year 2019, which is 90% more than the number of licenses issued in 2018 (20,129 mainland licenses).

This increasing demand for Dubai mainland licenses is mostly due to the following;

What types of license are issued by Dubai Mainland?

There are mainly three types of licenses issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED), they are;

The type of license depends on your business activity. It also further states the supplementary permissions that may be required from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Ministry of Finance and Industry, Ministry of Health, Registration from the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, etc.

How to start a business in Dubai Mainland?

A list of documentations and paperwork is involved in any kind of mainland company formation in Dubai.

As per UAE’s commercial law business entities or foreign nationals should always partner with a UAE National to start a business in Dubai mainland. You are also expected to facilitate a list of documents to successfully register your business in Dubai Mainland.

Below are the basic steps that you will have to go through to get your business registered;

Is it possible to start a business in Dubai Mainland without a UAE National?

If you would like to learn more about Dubai mainland business setup or check out the various locations of mainland jurisdictions available in the region, then contact Shuraa Business Setup – you can call us or drop in an inquiry and our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.

To start a business in Dubai mainland patterning with a UAE national is a must. The Commercial Companies Law in the region states that businesses in Dubai mainland must partner or collaborate with a UAE national. The UAE national would hold not less than 51% of ownership within the company. Companies with professional licenses in Dubai mainland do not need to share their proprietorship and can enjoy 100% ownership. However, trading companies and industrial companies must adhere to the Commercial Companies Law.

Nevertheless, starting a business in Dubai mainland with Shuraa Business Setup can be different with a secured partnership and an investor’s right protection contract.

What is the Investor’s Right and Protection Contract?

Shuraa Business Setup offers Investor’s Right and Protection Contract – a document that secures the rights of a businessman, and also provides 100% Power of Attorney to the company.

At Shuraa, an Investor’s Right and Protection Contract is an agreement in the presences of two-witnesses from each side. The contract enables you to have the power of attorney to the company and mutually agreed terms with your UAE business partner. The laws experts at Shuraa draft all the business setup documents with utmost efficiency keeping your security and position intact throughout the contract.

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