Start business in Dubai with Shuraa

Start business in Dubai with Shuraa

Dubai offers increasing economy avenues and diversified business start-ups for entrepreneurs and businessmen from around the globe. Investors from numerous nationalities come to start business in Dubai and to take advantage of the massive business opportunities along with innovation-based prospects. Nevertheless, it is difficult to get accustomed to any foreign environment and understand the international market at an instant. Thus, investors and global entities wanting to start business in Dubai or even establish a branch for their existing companies approach Shuraa Business Setup.

Shuraa Business Setup is one amongst the most leading business setup service provider in UAE, that offers assistance in terms of setting up a business as well as guides establishments through the process of establishing a company in Dubai and all over UAE. Irrespective of a welcoming approach and easy-to-understand business setup procedures, it could be difficult for foreign entities to comprehend with the process of setting up a business in Dubai, thus our business consultants take care of all the complications and contemplate with your commercial situation to offer you the best!

Here is how to start business in Dubai with Shuraa Business Setup:

Shuraa help you finalise your business activity

Understanding the applicability of the business that you are willing to start as per the UAE law is essential. Thus, Shuraa helps you to comprehend the functionalism of your business in UAE.

Shuraa guides you with the multiple jurisdictions

Businesses in Dubai are formed zonally to increase the competence and productivity of each business type. Shuraa guides you analyze your business and suggests you the best and cost-effective opportunities available in terms of jurisdictions.

Shuraa ensures you have a safe shareholding structure

In Dubai, most of the company setups or business establishments require a 51% of UAE partnership or a UAE agent. But you can escape this conditions and establish a collaboration on mutual terms with Shuraa Business Setup. We do not only unite you with a reliable UAE business partner but we also draft the company contracts that ensures your safety as an investor.

Shuraa gets you the approvals

Shuraa can get the name and activity approved by the Department of Economic Development (DED), in any Emirates – in the most affordable, easiest and fastest ways. Shuraa also aids with approval from the non-governmental as well as semi-governmental bodies to start business in Dubai.

Shuraa helps you rent an office in Dubai

Having a physical existence is mandatory for starting a company in Dubai. Also, the tenancy agreement needs to be documented and submitted with the DED before regulating the business activity. Shuraa assists with the best places to rent an office in Dubai; drafts the agreement, the tenancy contract as well as gets the required papers notarized – as per the governmental requirements.

Shuraa gets the Initial Approval from the DED for your company

Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED) grants the initial approval on providing the name reservation certificate, passport copies of the shareholders and approvals received from the external departments. At Shuraa, our business consultants make sure that you have every essential covered in order to receive the initial approval.

Shuraa drafts the Memorandum of Association with legal experts

Memorandum of Association is drafted on mutual terms agreed by the shareholders of the company with an in-house legal expert offered by Shuraa Business Setup so that you and your company is not only efficiently formed by is legitimate by the law.

Get you company registration and licenses processed with Shuraa

Company registration and business licensing is a parallel process. Once the company is registered by the Economic Department or the noted freezone authority, the business license will be processed and could be collected duly. Shuraa does the entire process for you in less than no time!

Talk to us!

If you are wondering how to start a small business in Dubai or are willing to setup a company in Dubai or anywhere else in UAE, it is best to appoint an advisor or speak to a business setup consultant from Shuraa Business Setup! Talk to us to know more on how to start company in Dubai. Contact us or log in to Shuraa Business Setup to know more.