What boosts the scope of Import and export business in Dubai?

The trading market in the Middle East is huge and is ranked 12th globally for providing import and export business opportunities in Dubai. The region encourages and accommodates world’s largest exporters and importers in Dubai.

Dubai offers a diversified economy and has rapidly promoted the non-oil sectors that subsidizes 70% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), while the import export business in Dubai has contributed to a large part of this! So, what exactly has promoted investors to pond their resources and money in Dubai’s import export companies? What are the factors that have raised the level of the industry? And why is it that increasing number of businessmen are keen on capitalizing on the trading sector or plan to establish import export companies in Dubai?

If you are one among them planning to setup a Dubai import export business, then primarily essential for you to apprehend the factors responsible for this bulbous growth. Read on:

Historic Trading Culture

Dubai and parts of UAE was rich in natural resources and traded copper, spices, minerals and pearl with countries for several years before discovering oil. In 1960s, the shipping sector became a major route between Asia and Europe on an east-west axis and the Commonwealth of Independent States and Africa on north-south axis. The discovery and export of oil came into existence in 1962, that became another major trading milestone. Thus, trading has always been in the roots of the region, favouring the scope of Import and Export business in Dubai.

Suitable Environment for Import and Export

Dubai’s strategic location and cooperative environment serves imports, exports and re-exports industry on a progressively large scale. The potential market of more than 2 billion people from the Asian and European regions can reach within four hours of travelling time. This is perfected by a robust

airline network of local and international carriers, well-executed technological implications and logistics centers. Further, the geographical position, world class infrastructure and the visionary leadership the UAE has made Dubai a suitable hub for trading.

Easy Import and Export Procedures

Import and Export Procedures vary depending on the jurisdiction and the mode used to import and export commodities. Be it a free trade zone or an ‘mainland business, while meeting the country’s legal

requirements in terms of licensing, documentation and permissions related to import and export, the Dubai Government has made it extremely convivial. It includes having a valid trade license issued by a Dubai license issuing authority and being registered with the Customs department.

Opportune Dubai Trade Laws and Benefits

The Dubai Trading Law are constructed in a way to promote fair competition, protect the rights and interests of businesses and consumers, and provide a conclusive environment for SMEs and other business corporations. Moreover, Dubai is also favoured with tax advantages, open door policy as well as being a member of GAFTA providing trading benefits among GCC countries.

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