Scope of SME business opportunities in Dubai UAE 2020

Dubai has always been a very attractive destination for company formation, investments and business setup because of the business opportunities in Dubai.  The city has over 10 million foreign visitors each year, while the geographical proximity to the south eastern regions has historically stimulated trade and exchange relationships leading to business formation in Dubai. But the magnetism of the Small and Medium Enterprises in Dubai UAE has also contributed as a central factor, creating a network of diverse foreign investors.

Going by the statistics, SME’s with some of their best small business ideas count for a 95% of the total population of business setup in Dubai. SME’s in UAE are the backbones of the country’s economies, whereas in Dubai, the sector makes a notable contribution to the economy and employment.

Check out the scope of business opportunities for SME’s in Dubai UAE, this 2017:

Aspect of Diversification

Diversifying continues to be the main objective of the commercial market as well as for the governmental bodies – with regards to SME’s in Dubai, this 2017 as well.  The goal is to have a vast viable atmosphere for company formation in Dubai. Thus the aspect of diversification provides with numerous segregations among businesses, that consequently generates more business opportunities for SME’s.

New Insolvency Regime

This 2017, the new insolvency regime will be a huge reprieve for the SME’s in Dubai, that would save them from bankruptcy as well as protect their investments. With the aim of curtail the losses dealt by some of the SME’s, the banks have settled to reschedule the due dates for the raised debts. The banks will be facilitated with interest rates while these SME’s will get an extended period of time.

UAE Central Bank Efforts

The UAE Central Bank has strategized to make SME business setup in UAE apparent this 2017. From 2017-2021 the UAE Central Bank plans to encourage the SME’s through financial assistance and enable more number of SME company registration in Dubai. Such measures and assistance on investment will also lead towards Low cost business setup in Dubai inviting more number of businessmen in the market.

Dubai Future Accelerators Initiative

Reassurance will endure for small and medium entrepreneurs and innovators through the Dubai Future Accelerators Initiative 2017. The city had earlier officially launched its Dhs1bn Future Accelerators programme to make the city an innovation hub. Governmental departments have already paired with thirty companies and are willing to fund impresarios with an innovative idea.

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