Investor Visa in Dubai

Process of acquiring an Investor Visa in Dubai

Dubai has been attracting millions of foreign investor for over decades with luring economic structure, abundant opportunities and relatively high standard of living. Considering to be one of the most liberal countries when compared to the other Gulf regions, foreign investors consider this region as a base to enter global market and take advantage of the pecuniary benefits the country has to offer – however like any other country Dubai has a set of immigration rules and visa requirements.

Investor Visa Dubai – every foreign investor or international entity is required to obtain an investor’s visa or a partner’s visa in Dubai in order to regulate. The process of acquiring an investor visa in Dubai can be a stressful course if the accurate knowledge and the right documents are not at hand.

Step by step process for obtaining an investor visa in Dubai and the UAE

  1. Investors Visa Application: Fill up the Dubai investor visa application with the required documents and the noted application cost.
  2. Get the Visa: A visa will be emailed and you can travel to UAE, in case the applicant is inside the country, apply for an amendment in the visa position with an extra cost on it.
  3. Medical: A normal medical procedure will be applied to process the further documentation.
  4. Emirates ID: Simultaneously the Emirates ID is also processed – that acts as an important identification for the investors
  5. Visa Stamping: The final step of the process is to get the visa stamped on the passport.

Documents required to get  an Investor Visa in Dubai:

  • Passport copy (Colour)
  • One Photograph (white background)
  • Memorandum of Association Copy (for LLC)
  • Trade License Copy
  • Partners List (in case of partnership or LLC)
  • Service Agent Contract Copy (in case of Professional Licensed Company)
  • Partnership Contract Copy (in case of Professional Licensed Company)
  • Original Emirates ID of Partner / PRO
  • Immigration Establishment Card Copy


Documents required for Medical

  • Typed Application for Medical Check-up
  • Copies of Passport
  • Copies of Visa
  • Two Photographs (white background)


Documents required for Visa Stamping

  • One Photograph (white background)
  • Typed form for Emirates ID
  • Original Visa
  • Original Medical Certificate
  • Original Passport
  • Immigration Establishment Card
  • LLC Agreement (for LLC)
  • License (Commercial License, Professional License, Industrial License)
  • Partners List Copy


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