Why do employers need PRO services in Dubai

Why do employers need PRO services in Dubai?

Dubai is a city of classification and command, when it comes to appointing employees. Several employers feel the need of appointing staff, after setting up a business in Dubai. However, it can be a complicated process to do it solely – making PRO services in Dubai a must.

As per the Dubai government directives – employers seeking to employ professionals and families of the themselves (employer) or employee – are required to maintain a proper track record, apply for the procedure of residency as well as process the necessary paperwork to acquire the regulated employment documents from the judicial departments.

The structure states that companies in Dubai and around UAE are bound to follow a set of procedure to acquire these essential documents. With instant times, there are several companies providing PRO services in Dubai that can help you through this crucial process. PRO services in Dubai, aids with employment related document clearances, translation of documents, labour contracts as well as a series of other requirements.

Listed below are the reasons that state why employers need PRO services before appointing employees:

You need to provide employees a Residency Visa:

In most cases employers need to provide employees a residency visa. A UAE Residency Visa consists of the employee’s passport and personal details. It also has a designation, defining the position in the company, the residency number and the expiry date of the visa.

  • Reason: Residency Visa is a must irrespective whether it is for yourself (employer) or for your employee. Firms providing PRO services in Dubai are already well-versed with the procedures and requirements of obtaining a residency visa. You do not need to deal with the visa related procedures or the immigration department – just contact a company offering PRO service in Dubai and they will handle it for you.

Emirates ID is an essential for your employees:

The Emirates ID is an ID proof with a magnetic chip – it consists the person’s identification details such as – date of birth, passport number, a passport photo and the provided residency number.

  • Reason: This major identification card serves as a legal requirement – that needs to be attained by the proprietors as well as the employers of the company – that is provided by the company. Jumbling with the judicial departments and keeping the business aside for every employee you appoint to get these procedures done, wouldn’t be a smart thing to do. Just ask your employee to submit the important documents and the PRO service companies will get you through.

Medical Insurance is a compulsion for employees:

A visa is only approved if a medical test states that the individual is not prone to any contagious diseases – this is the kind of importance given to health related concerns in Dubai and around UAE. Thus acquiring a medical insurance is also made a compulsion by the government. Making it stern, reports state that by 2017 the Emirates ID will be integrated with the Medical Insurance card.

  • Reason: It is a compulsion; it is for the welfare of the individuals although it is time consuming. Several firms that offer PRO Services in Dubai, make sure you (employer) and your employees get insurance provisions suitable to the needs and at an affordable price.

A legal requisite for your employees – the Labour Contract:

The employer and the employee make a legal requisite stating the contract procedures of the employment that are guided by the law.

  • Reason: A labour contract is a complicated document – be it a limited or an unlimited contract – the basic idea is to ensure the security of both the parties (employer and the employee). There are mainly two reasons because of which you need PRO assistance, for this contract. Firstly, translation of the document is essential as the contract needs to be drafted both in English and Arabic. Secondly, since 2014 the document has been made online to ease, however, it still remains a complex procedure. In such a case, PRO professionals draft as well as process the Labour Contract – ultimately making things easier for you as an employer.

Thus to be well-versed will all the up-to-date recruitment necessities, it is advisable to consult a PRO service company before appointing employees. If you are still unsure where to start from – call Shuraa Business Setup and makes your legal obligation speedy, accurate and cost effective with our PRO services in Dubai and all over UAE.